T1 Keria: "Zeus has become quite perfect as a top laner now."


In T1's 2-0 sweep over Liiv SANDBOX in the 2022 LCK Summer Split, Ryu "Keria" Min-seok continued to do well, as he contributed to T1's 23-match winning streak. Keria’s picks in today’s match were Renata Glasc and Tahm Kench. He joined the press room after the match to talk with the media.


How do you feel about today’s win?


I saw Liiv SANDBOX play well against DWG KIA, so I thought a lot about how to play against them. Those thoughts worked effectively in today’s match, so I’m satisfied.


Your performance was great in both games. What’s your secret?


In the 12.10 patch, the champion tiers weren’t quite fixed for me. The draft was difficult for a support to play, and it was hard to make game plans. Usually, I would stress my opinion strongly to make an easier matchup for the bot lane, but the tiers weren’t clear for me in the 12.10 patch. Now that it’s 12.11, champions that I’m used to appear more often, and I’ve adapted well. Now I’m quite sure about the tier, so I’ve been playing more comfortably.


T1’s strength really showed in today’s match from dives to early game snowballs.


The turret damage increased drastically in the 12.10 patch, so people avoided diving, but it got reduced a bit in 12.11. I thought we could play that way, and played lane to pressure the opponent with dives. It worked out well.


Do you think you can return to the great flow you had in the spring season?


The spring season meta was really good for us. I think the current meta also suits us well, so if we prepare well, we’ll get good results.


If you win your next match, you’ll be the record a 24-match winning streak for the first time in the LCK. 


I think our winning streak stopped at the MSI, so I don’t really feel that way. DWG KIA became much stronger with Nuguri returning. I’ll prepare well to beat them.


What did you think watching Lehends play well on Singed?


Lehends’ Singed in the spring was good, but I thought I could face him well. But as the summer split started, many people said that Singed is really strong. Lehends has always enjoyed playing Singed, so I think that worked out well for him.


How did you accept the loss at the finals of MSI?


I’ve always thought of Ming, Meiko, and Crisp as the top three supports of the LPL, and that the LPL bots are a bit stronger than the LCK. Even so, I was quite confident, but I think I got too nervous and wasn’t able to show my best performance. If I can raise my form and keep improving heading to Worlds, I believe I can win next time.


Zeus’ performance has been really great lately. As the original “historical genius monster”, what do you think?


In the spring split, there were several parts he was lacking in my standard. But whenever I gave feedback to him, he soaked everything in like a sponge and improved every day. It was really interesting to watch him. I think Zeus has become quite perfect as a top laner now. He’s a hard worker so he improved really fast.


Any last comments?


We had a clean win today, with a good performance, but I won’t be satisfied until we beat the strong teams. I’d like to work up a good momentum by defeating DWG KIA and win the summer split so that we can go to Worlds as the top seed from the LCK.

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