T1 Zeus: "Playing against Nuguri in an official match was one of the things on my bucket list."


On June 23, T1 swept Liiv SANDBOX in the 2022 LCK Summer Split. The win was meaningful for T1 as their winning streak, starting from last season, continued. It was their 23rd consecutive match win, which is a tie for the longest winning streak in the LCK. In the match, Choi “Zeus” Woo-je had a great performance and was voted the Player of the Game for both games. He joined Lee Jung-hyeon after the match for an interview.



You and T1 are making history. How does it feel to do so?


I don’t really feel it since it’s still going. I’ll probably look back someday in the future and think, "Those were the good old days." 


T1 picked Swain mid and Gragas top in Game 1. How did you end up with such a comp?


After Swain was remade, we practiced him a lot so we tried him out. Gragas was buffed recently, so I was thinking about playing him. Last time, Nuguri played Gragas, and it seemed like a good pick, so I picked him today.


It was a great game, except for that last moment when you didn’t know your recall was interrupted.


I had a lot of money, and I was going to buy two Needlessly Large Rods, so I was right-clicking it in the shop. When I realized that I was Teleporting right in front of myself, I thought I would get in trouble if we lost, but after a few seconds, the teamfight seemed to have gone fine, so I just laughed it off while we finished up.


You selected First Strike on Gragas. It seems the damage is really great. What are its strengths?


If you can get a lead in lane, you can take money freely. Also, I use First Strike since the damage is the strongest later in the game.


Who inspired this rune selection?


I was playing solo queue when I played against Canyon in the top lane. In that game, Canyon took so much money from me using First Strike, so I tried it out.


Dove picked Fiora first in Game 2. Did you predict it?


Actually, this type of champion selection appears quite often in the LPL. I thought it was interesting. In today’s match too it was interesting because it felt like playing solo queue.


How did you plan to face her?


If Jayce doesn’t allow a showdown, he can keep winning, so I thought of how I would deal with Fiora’s power spike.


You pushed to the second turret in 12 minutes. When did you think you won lane?


It bummed me out because Dove endured my attacks well, but when I got to pick off both him and their jungler, it felt really good.


Do you make the shotcalls when you dive?


Since our comp seemed like one where I should deal a lot of damage, I tried to make a lot of shotcalls. Usually, when the angle is right to dive, I stress my opinion strongly.


Did you check the damage graph after the match? What did you tell your teammates about it?


I did. Looking at the damage dealt graph is kind of a habit, and I thought I didn’t do bad.


It seems that you’re getting at least one POG every match you win. What’s your secret to doing so well?


I think I got lucky a bit. Also, I’ve become calmer after being at MSI.


You’re going to face DK Nuguri on Saturday. What are you looking forward to the most?


Playing against Nuguri in an official match was one of the things on my bucket list when I became a pro. When I saw him play recently, his laning was really strong. I’ll have to play against him thinking that I’ll have a hard time.


Are you nervous or excited to meet him?


It’s half and half.


Any comments to the fans that came here through all the rain?


Since the weather was bad, I thought not that many people would come, but there are so many people here. Thank you so much.


Have you been having fun with the fan meets after the match?


It’s fun and interesting… It’s really new. [Laughs]

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