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[MSI] SKT T1's Strategy Heading into MSI: "Peanut & Blank to play as the two-sword style"


The player entry for SKT T1, which will be participating in the 2017 Mid-Season Invitational has been revealed. The SKT’s sixth player to fly to Brazil is Sungu “Blank” Kang.

Since MSI limits the number of the player roster to six, many fans were interested in who would be attending the event among Profit, Blank, and Sky. When asked the same question in the LCK Spring finals post-match interview, Head Coach cCarter responded, "We haven’t talked about the MSI yet because we were focused on the finals."

According to the official homepage leading up to Group Stage, the last remaining spot for the sixth man was reserved for Blank, who played the role as a relief pitcher with a perfect 6-0 record in the regular season.

Regarding Blank’s participation in the MSI, cCarter said, "The reason for having Peanut and Blank as two junglers has to do with strategic considerations. Instead of taking either player as a substitute, we decided to take both of them because each player can contribute to changing the gameplay style of the team during any match. That’s what happened during the Spring Split, and jungle has become a very important position. Teams that showed good jungle performance have done well.”

Finally cCarter conveyed his message with an analogy by adding, "Peanuts and Blank are not a spear and a shield, but dual-wield weapons like swords in both the right and left hands."


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