KT Aria: "[Rascal] taught me a lot, from reading the flow of the game to managing sidelanes."


On June 22, in the second 2022 LCK Summer Split match of the day, KT Rolster swept Fredit BRION 2-0. KT Rolster were able to collect their first win of the season while Fredit BRION sank down with a 0-3 record. The player of the game for both games in this match was Lee “Aria” Ga-eul. He joined the press room after the match to talk with the media.



It’s the first win of the summer. How do you feel?


It’s been a long time since we won, so I’m really happy.


Aside from the results, you’re getting high evaluations on your performance. What has changed?


Before, I didn’t even know the basics of the game. I’ve been learning a lot, and I tried to improve myself. Also, I try to play more decisively in the games now.


What did you learn?


I learned more about everything. Laning, sidelane macro, seeing the fighting angles… I learned about LoL in general.


What was the most regretful about spring?


Each match that we lost was regretful. There were situations where I could have played better, but it’s regretful that I wasn’t able to.


How are the meta champions for you? Do they suit you well?


There are some champions that don’t go well with me, but I’m confident with the current meta.


Who do you talk with the most within the team?


I talk with Rascal the most about in-game things. He taught me a lot, from reading the flow of the game to managing sidelanes.


You’ve climbed high on the solo queue ladder during the preseason. It seems that you’ve fully understood the game.


At the end of spring, VicLa played in my place. I learned a lot while watching him play, and I tried to use that to improve myself.


What did you lack?


The biggest thing was getting vision and moving around through the vision.


You have good synergy with Cuzz. What did you focus on while playing with him?


We didn’t talk much about making better synergy, but it’s probably because I’ve been playing champions that are good at playmaking.


Any last comments?


The season’s just starting, and we’ll have to play many games. I’m confident that we’re a team that can do well. I’ll work hard so that we could keep this flow to win our next match too.

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