Mr Beast and Ninja to face off in $150k League of Legends Vegas showdown

Image via Crown Channel


The likes of Faker, caPs, Bjergsen, and others will need to step aside in July, as a new level of hype has come to League of Legends.


In a deal with Amazon, Jimmy “Mr Beast” Donaldson, of tree-planting and burger-selling fame, has announced on Twitter that he and the former-biggest-streamer-in-the-world Tyler “Ninja” Blevins are set to go head-to-head in a $150,000 match, held at the HyperX Arena in Las Vegas on July 9.



The game will feature teams hand-picked by the two influencers, with content creators pouring into the replies to Mr Beast’s announcement tweet. Ludwig Ahgren stuck his hand in the air in the hopes of being picked, as well as League talent Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raine and FPS streamer Zack “Zlaner” Lane, among others.


Gamers vs Creators in League of Legends

The event is scheduled to be streamed on, an Amazon-owned account that was launched in 2020, aimed at producing live and interactive content. Crown was launched with a show known as ‘Chasing the Crown: Dreamers to Streamers,' which was a variant on a traditional competition-reality show, which Forbes claim had a “substantive live and interactive component”.



There is no information on ticket prices or availability as yet, but public interest is expected to be high with Mr Beast’s current profile as one of YouTube’s biggest names and Ninja's history in the gaming space. 


With the popularity of the two men leading the event, there were even some former League pros in the replies, including one Yiliang "Doublelift" Peng. We’ll keep you updated with all the team news and ticket info for the clash between ‘The Ultimate Creator’ and ‘The Ultimate Gamer’ as Twitch has put it, but for now, it’s a waiting game. 

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