10 best comps you should learn to play in TFT Set 7 Dragonlands


A new set of Teamfight Tactics is upon us! Players have spent the last week (and perhaps longer) scouring the web for the most OP comps to help them win more lobbies quickly. Today, we throw our hat into that ring as well. Here are 10 TFT comps that will be playable (though varying levels of strong) throughout Set 7.


1. Ragewing Xayah

Xayah is likely going to be a consistently good-to-great carry option until she gets brutally nerfed. Her synergy with the Dragonmancer/Ragewing comp is perfect given that she can pair with her fellow Swiftshot Ashe. If Swiftshots do become all the rage, with Varus and/or Twitch getting buffs, Xayah can easily get flexed into that comp as well. Just get her any strong attack speed and crit items and she’ll chew through the enemy.


The other benefit of this comp is that it can flex into a Shapeshifter comp around Swain and Shyvana (possibly Elise as well) as the primary carries just by dropping Xayah/Ashe or Senna/Sett.

2. Scalescorn Bruiser

Olaf is going to be a fantastic option as a melee carry given his built-in attack speed and healing. Building him into a comp where he takes reduced damage (thanks to his Scalescorn trait) and gets bonus health (via the Bruiser trait), will make him a menace to deal with.


Even better, if you get a lot of AP and/or crit items, those will go perfectly well with Diana, who can be a massive threat in her own right. In essence, you have two re-roll options in the Scalescorn comp.

3. Mirage Warriors

The beauty of this comp is that it can function as either a hyper roll comp for Yone, or you can simply push to level 8 for a Yasuo. The same items work on both of them (though Yone prefers the attack speed while Yasuo wants the crit) so it’s an easy transition. Make sure it’s a good bonus from the Mirage trait before committing though. If it isn’t you can always transition to Scalescorn.

4. Guild Ryze

Guild is always a playable trait thanks to how easy it is to splash and stack. If you manage to get several Ryze’s, though, even better. While this iteration plays around Talon as another carry (with Kayn as a fellow Assassin and Idas to give the Shimmerscale bonus), you can also freely go for Astral/Mages if you are inundated with AP items (put the rest onto Zoe or Aurelion Sol).

5. Revel Cannoneer

Corki is back, but unlike Set 6 this iteration is all about attack speed and crits. The beauty of this four-Cannoneer comp is that it also plays well into the Trainer trait. Getting Nomsy early and feeding him up with Poro Snax will make this tank big, strong, and impossible to deal with for enemies. That gives your Corki plenty of time to gun down the opponents.

6. Whisper Bruiser

The Dragons are very powerful, but they are not “versus all” units. You can’t just stick them in wherever and have them be strong. 


Sy’fen, though, can be incredibly strong in a Whisper comp, where his bite will scale up with his attack damage while the enemy’s resistances are being shredded by his allies attacks. In this comp, you could also feel free to swap Yasuo for another Warrior or even just get a backline damage dealer (Xayah or Corki) if you manage to get a Bruiser emblem.

7. Astral Evokers

Another comp headlined by the Dragons, this time it’s Aurelion Sol. Getting those Evokers to let Sol pump out more of those massive, annoying Black Holes is critical, and Sona is one of the most powerful supportive champs in this set (think of her as the Orianna of Set 7).


If you manage to hit on a Mage Cap, though, this comp kicks into high gear. Ditch Lulu to instead get a Ryze and watch as Sol drops two massive Black Holes at once.

8. Swiftshot Bruisers

Swiftshots have a lot of flexibility depending on who you want as your main carry (just about all of them except Twitch are viable primary carries). If you want the massive frontline to protect the Swiftshots, though, four Bruisers is your best option. This naturally gives you an easy path to Astral and therefore to a (hopefully) easy three-star Varus, Illaoi, and Skarner.

9. Jade Shapeshifter

While the Ragewing comp can be flexed into a Shapeshifter comp, it’s far easier to just go for a Jade/Dragonmancer comp to fully buff up Swain. Not only can he pump out an absurd amount of damage with his abilities, but when given the Dragonmancer’s Blessing he’ll be making your enemies pull their hair out.


10. Jade Mystic

Another iteration of the Jade comp, this one really has the whole kitchen sink thrown in there. Two Jade statues, Shapeshifters, Trainers, Shi Oh Yu as a frontliner and Anivia just sitting behind this massive wall letting it snow all over. It’s a very high-value comp, but if you manage to hit it it can be deadly.

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