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How to Get out of Bronze from Number One KDA Renekton in KR Diamond Tier



Disclaimer: This article contains curated tips, guides, other useful information posted on Inven KR by the users. Please note that such guides and information are not objective truths and may not reflect the latest patch or meta changes.

*Original guide from LoL Inven KR by Krat2

Diamond Player here with the best KDA and win rate. Let’s get out of Bronze-Platinum tiers with Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree Renekton top.

With a little bit of practice, I think Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree Renekton is good for people who are in a lower tier than they think they should be, or for people who want to climb tiers quickly. I, too, use Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree when I’m playing on my smurf or normal games, but I often use Fervor of Battle and Teleport for ranked games on my main account.

Greater Mark of Attack Damage (x9)
Greater Seal of Armor (x9)
Greater Glyph of Magic Resist (x9)
Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage (x3)

Stats at level 18
Attack Damage +15.3
Armor +9
Magic Resist +12.06

Total Cost: 4,290 IP

I think one AD rune page is more than enough. It would be great if you had multiple rune pages for different situations, but I think that one AD rune page is enough for climbing tiers. Sometimes I use Attack Speed Quintessence when I take Fervor of Battle. But I only use AD runes when I take Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree.

Thunderlord’s Decree on Renekton

Thunderlord’s Decree is an ideal mastery for Renekton, which is strong in the early-mid game with a long cooldown. It gives more burst damage on his basic attacks. It makes Renekton a lot stronger against squishy champions. For me, I often take this mastery when I play ranked on my smurf, URF or on other special game modes. It’s a great mastery to get solo kills while laning from level 1 to 6 or if you think you can finish the game early.

The Fervor of Battle on Renekton

The Fervor of Battle is a mastery that works best with [The Black Cleaver] and should be used when the enemy is tanky. Thunderlord’s Decree is strong in the early-mid game, but because Renekton is already a great champion for early-mid game, using Fervor of Battle does not make him weak in the early-mid game(8 stacks of Fervor of Battle give more damage than Thunderlord’s Decree).

In the late game, even if you only have The Black Cleaver as your only damage item, it will be easier to 1v1 with a tanker compared to using Thunderlord’s Decree. It’s easier to take down tanks with Fervor of Battle than with Thunderlord’s Decree if you are more fed.

Summoner Spells: Flash & Ignite

Before I reached Diamond, I took Ignite for most of the times and was confident that I could get solo kill in early game, therefore I preferred taking Ignite over Teleport. If you look at the screen shots of my winning streak, most of them was when I had Ignite instead of Teleport.

Usually, from Bronze to Platinum, the enemy would have Teleport but they can’t get the timing right or they can’t use Teleport effectively later in the game. But that’s because, in those tiers players are not used to making effective decisions.That’s why I think it’s more useful to use Ignite instead of Teleport for Renekton and dominate the lane.

You should take Teleport when you think you can barely hold the lane or when you won’t be able to dominate the lane. Also, take Teleport when you’re against champions like Shen who you need to chase wherever they go. Additionally, take [Teleport] when the enemy is a pure tanker or against someone who would only concentrate on farming the whole game.

I only jungle with Renekton in normal games or ranked games on my smurf. Renekton is not a bad champion to jungle with, but there are many other champions better in jungling than Renekton, so I don’t recommend it. When I jungle with Renekton, I use Thunderlord’s Decree. (I can only play Renekton so I have to jungle with him. QQ)

Skill Build

Skill Combo

Use E (Slice) first to engage and use E (Dice) again to escape from combat.

Basic combo:

[Slice and Dice] – Auto-attack – [Ruthless Predator] – Auto-attack – [Cull the Meek] – Auto-attack – [Slice and Dice]

It’s good to stack Fervor of Battle by using the auto-attacks between the skills.

When your fury is either 50 or 100:

[Slice and dice] – [Enraged Ruthless Predator] – Auto-attack – [Cull the Meek] – [Slice and Dice]
The enraged W stun lasts 1.5 seconds, this is crucial. While the enemy is stunned, you can hit them with auto-attack and the enemy can’t do anything. Then escape with using E.

Skill combo using Tiamat:

[Slice and Dice] – Auto-attack – [Ruthless Predator] – [Tiamat]- Auto-attack – [Cull the Meek] – Auto-attack – [Slice and Dice]

Big burst damage using Tiamat (Thunderlord’s Decree)

[Slice and Dice] – [Ruthless Predator] – [Tiamat] – Auto-attack – [Cull the Meek] – [Slice and Dice]

Tips on Skills

A must read for those who do not know about Renekton!

Reign of Anger [Passive]

Renekton generates fury each time he lands auto-attack. Fury strengthens Renekton’s skill provide additional effects. Additionally, Renekton gains additional fury if he’s on low health. When fury is at or above 50, Renekton's next skill is enhanced when used.

Cull the Meek [Q]

Renekton deals physical damage to all nearby enemies, as well as healing himself. When fury is above 50, damage and amount of health healed is increased.
If you hit an enemy champion he heals more. If the fury is above 50 the amount of health healed is noticeably large.

Ruthless Predator [W]

Renekton strikes the target twice dealing physical damage and stunning them for 0.75 seconds. Hitting an enemy with fury 50 or more, Renekton will strike 3 times dealing higher damage and stunning them for 1.5 seconds.

W is the core skill for Renekton. The high damage presents it as his main damage dealing skill, but the skill maxing order is R-Q-E-W. The reason for this is, that the increase in damage for W isn’t much. The damage difference between first level W and second is only 20.

The stun duration of enraged W’s is twice as longer than usual, but the problem is that Renekton can’t do anything until he finishes striking 3 times. But you can cancel the animation by using Tiamat. As mentioned above, if you use Tiamat right after using W the animation can be canceled! This allows you to have enough time to auto-attacks and use Q.

Slice and Dice [E]

Renekton dashes in the target direction, dealing physical damage to all enemies he passes through. Enraged E will give additional damage and decrease armor of whoever he hits. Renekton’s second E skill (Dice) will decrease the armor rate of whoever is hits for 4 seconds when fury is at 50 or above.

Dice – Enraged Dice effect: Deals 45/90/135/180/225 (+135%) and the enemy’s armor is decreased by 15/20/25/30/35% for 4 seconds. Also, it can be used to go through walls.

Dominus [R]

Renekton empowers himself for 15 seconds, gaining bonus health 250 / 500 / 750 and 20 Fury. While the skill is active, he deals 40/80/120(+10%) magic damage to all nearby enemies and generates 5 fury per second (total 75). You gain bonus health and 20 fury right after the skill is used. It is good to use against opponents who underestimates Renekton with not enough fury.


Starting Item

[Long Sword] and [Refillable potion]

You should only buy [Tiamat] when returning to base after getting a solo kill or a kill with gank in level 1-3. Otherwise, it’s too risky. Renekton is squishier than he looks so he can get ganked easily.

Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree Damage Renekton. Works between Bronze to Platinum. My favorite, Ignite and Thunderlord’s Renekton! I think this build is best for carrying the game!

[Long Sword] and [Refillable Potion] – [Tiamat] – [The Black Cleaver] – [Ninja Tabi] or [Mercury’s Treads] (Buy shoes according to the situation) and [Youmuu’s Ghostblade] – [Guardian Angel] – [Sterak’s Gage] – [Ravenous Hydra]

[Ravenous Hydra], [The Black Cleaver], [Youmuu’s Ghostblade], [Guardian Angel], [Sterak’s Gage] and [Mercury’s Treads]

You can go Ravenous Hydra last or after Guardian’s Angel. The most important thing is, by the time you buy Youmuu’s Ghostblade, the game should be at least 70% in your favor when you are already carrying the game.

Basic Build

[Long Sword] and [Refillable Potion] – [Phage] – [The Black Cleaver] – [Ninja Tabi] or [Mercury’s Treads]- [Tiamat] – [Jaurim’s Fist]– [Sterak’s Gage] – [Titanic Hydra] – [Spirit Visage] – [Dead Man’s Plate]

You can get Guardian Angel instead of Sterak’s Gage. The safest build to get The Black Cleaver as the single damage item and go tank items for the rest! (eg. [The Black Cleaver], [Spirit Visage], [Randuin’s Omen], [Dead Man’s Plate], [Banshee’s Veil] and [Mercury’s Treads])

When against people in Diamond, I only use Fervor of Battle and Teleport instead of Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree. As for items, I choose to go with The Black Cleaver as my only damage item and go full tank.

Other Useful Items for Renekton

Items vary a lot depending on how the match goes, but wouldn’t it be ideal to buy items that synergize well with Renekton?

Damage Items

[Ravenous Hydra], [Titanic hydra], [Black Cleaver], [Maw of Malmortius], [Sterak’s Gage], [Youmuu’s Ghostblade]

Armor items

[Dead Man’s Plate], [Randuin’s Omen], [Sunfire Cape] and [Thornmail]

Magic Resist Items

[Spirit Visage] and [Banshee’s Veil][Guardian Angel] This is a must buy

[Guardian Angel]. This is a must buy item for Renekton and I buy it in almost every game. In the early-mid game, Renekton is already hard to kill and the opponent team has to kill him again because of Guardian Angel. In the late game, you can draw aggression towards you more and help the team.

Additional Tidbits

How to Lane & Jungle

I don’t think Renekton is an easy champion to play, but it’s also not too complicated.

How to get a solo kill in level 1-3

Renekton has relatively weak in level 1, but there are champions where Renekton can evenly deal exchange with. With those champions, exchange deals with auto-attack-Q-auto-attack. When you’ve done that, there will be times when you can hit level 2 before the enemy (clear the first wave and kill 1 melee minion from the second wave to get to level 2).

Keep your fury to 50 or above and learn W when you hit level 2. If the enemy’s health is below 320 disregarding their level, you should flash, enraged W, ignite, auto-attack and Q. After some practice, you will know whether you can kill the enemy. If you learn to master this, you can easily get a solo kill early in the game.

Early Gameplay

Renekton is strong early game. You must dominate the lane as he gets weaker as the game goes on. You must continuously pressure the enemy and make sure to snowball better than them. If you can’t do this, then there is no point using Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree.

Mid Gameplay

There is still some hope even if you haven’t dominated your lane or lost the lane. Renekton in level 11 with ult will make the enemy team hesitate to initiate team fights.

Late Gameplay

In the late game, Renekton is no longer the crocodile we know. You won’t be able to kill enemy dealers and you won’t be tanky enough, even though you buy tank items. I think it’s best to protect your damage dealers.

How to play against other champions (to be updated)

Garen - Difficulty Level: Medium

Start with: W, Fervor of Battle and Ignite. Garen is not too easy or hard to play against. If Garen comes at you with his Q, don’t panic and use W and auto-attack. When the silence wears off, use enraged Q with the fury collected. Garen’s Q cooldown time is lower than Renekton’s W so if you watch out for that, you should be fine.

Gangplank - Difficulty Level: Medium

Start with: Q, Thunderlord’s Decree and Ignite. Since gangplank is hard to play, so I doubt there will be any good Gangplanks below Platinum.I personally think Gangplank is easy to play against.
During level 1 if Gangplank does not use his Q on minions but on you, you should go up to him and use Q and auto-attack or auto-attack and Q, but make sure that Thunderlord’s Decree activates. I always think that Renekton has the upper hand. If you use Ignite before Gangplank uses his Remove Scurry then you can kill him easier. He’s an easy champion to solo kill.

Gragas - Difficulty Level: Medium

Start with: Q, Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree. Gragas will start with his Barrel Roll. You can easily dodge Gragas’s Barrel Rolls at level 1 by moving towards him. Watch out for his Barrel Rolls carefully and get close to him in level 1 and auto-attack, Q and auto-attack. If you keep doing this you can get level 2 before he does. He’s an easy champion to solo kill.

Graves - Difficulty Level: Easy

Start with: Q, Ignite and Thunderlord’s Decree. Many people say that it’s hard to lane against Graves but it’s easier than you think. During level 1 you must play passively and only last hit the minions, don’t push the lane. During level 2 get E to last hit and try not to deal exchange with him. Level 3 is when Renekton engages battle.

Graves would start pushing the lane hard. Keep your fury above 30 and when Graves is reloading or when he uses his Q, go in with E followed by W and auto-attack, then Q and E to escape. This will activate Thunderlord’s Decree and you will advantage from this deal exchange. After coming ahead in the exchanging deals, you should be able to get a kill after exchanging once or twice.

Graves would start pushing the lane hard. Keep your fury above 30 and when Graves is reloading or when he uses his Q, go in with E followed by W and auto-attack, then Q and E to escape. This will activate Thunderlord’s Decree and you will advantage from this deal exchange. After coming ahead in the exchanging deals, you should be able to get a kill after exchanging once or twice.


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