[PNC 2022] Team UK crowned as champions, Team Vietnam overcome the impossible to secure 2nd


The last day of the 2022 PUBG Nations Cup was held on June 19. With Team UK in the lead, Team Brazil, Team Vietnam, and Team Korea followed to contend the championship through the three Miramar matches and two Erangel matches.


Match 16 was on Miramar. The first safe zone was formed around the far northwest side of the map. All teams were extremely careful entering the safe zone, as there were no casualties in phase one, and the second circle was formed further west. There weren’t many positions available, so fights occurred here and there. The drastic circle only allowed six teams and 14 players to survive at the end of phase five.


The final fight was between Team Argentina and Team Korea. Team Korea had four members, but Team Argentina were in a compound that was included in the safe zone. Team Korea tried to make the best of the situation, having no cover was a more significant handicap than having one fewer member, and Team Argentina collected the win.


The first circle for Match 17 was on the north side of the map. Team UK positioned themselves near the center of the circle early on, and the circle continued to smile toward Team UK. The phase four circle included Team UK, Team China, and Team Korea. However, only Team UK managed to survive the rushes onto them. Team China were picked off one by one by Team USA and Team Australia, while Team Korea ran into Team Chinese Taipei and got eliminated. 


The top four teams left were Team Australia, Team UK, Team Thailand, and Team Germany, but Team UK were the only team with their entire squad. They took down their enemies one by one and collected the win. Through this win, Team UK secured a 34-point lead over Team Brazil, and virtually secured the championship.


In match 18, Team Korea and Team Turkey got into an early fight, where Team Korea emerged as the winners of the fight with one casualty. The circle was on the north side again as it closed in towards the south of La Cobreria. Despite losing two members on the way in, Team Korea managed to survive to the top three. 


The final fight was a 4v3v1 among Team USA, Team China, and Team Korea. Although Team USA had the most players alive, Team Korea knocked down players on both sides before going down. With the help of Team Korea, Team China took the chicken dinner.



Moving back to Erangel for the final two matches, Team UK continued to stay on top. The circle of Match 19 was around Sosnovka Island. This time, Team Korea was the first to be eliminated as they were ambushed by Team Turkey while working on a 2-2 split. As the circle closed in, vehicles and swimmers moved over to the island. The western bridge had triple guards as many teams perished there.


Team Brazil looked to catch up with Team UK as they eliminated Team Canada. However, they were squeezed in between Team China and Team Germany to be eliminated in 8th place. Team China played aggressively in order to advance higher in the standings and collected nine kills, but they were chased by the blue zone as they fell to the guns of Team Vietnam and Team Germany.


The final fights were among Team Vietnam, Team UK, and Team Thailand. Again, Team UK had priority over the circle as they were placed near the center. Team Vietnam managed to take down Team Thailand without any casualties to make it a 3v3 fight against Team UK. It all came down to the last circle, where throwables were thrown everywhere, and Team Vietnam came up on top to emerge from the smoke. With the chicken dinner, Team Vietnam advanced to 3rd place over Team Korea.


The final circle of PNC 2022 was formed around the western bridge of Erangel. This time, it was Team Japan and Team Argentina that got into an early fight, and it was Team Argentina who won. Team Brazil was in a hurry, as they needed to catch up 27 points to contend for the championship, but four points were all they managed to get. They were eliminated to Team Vietnam, who were positioned well inside the circle. 



While many teams fought fiercely to enter the circle, Team Vietnam had a great position, having secured the only compound within the safe zone. With eight players and three teams surviving in the game, Team Vietnam needed at least nine more points to secure 2nd place. If they killed all the remaining enemies and collected the win, they could gain 9 points — a tough task for Team Vietnam to achieve. However, Team Vietnam managed to do the unlikely as they managed to kill all four remaining survivors to gain the win. Through this, they tied themselves with Team Brazil with 177 points and secured 2nd place via the tiebreaker rule.


The champions of the tournament were Team UK, who collected 203 points over the 20 matches. Team Vietnam secured 2nd place, Team Brazil finished 3rd, and Team Korea ended up in 4th place. As Team UK was crowned the champions, Alex "vard" Gouge was named the MVP of the tournament, as he was the kill leader with 36 kills.

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