[PNC 2022] Team Brazil top the leaderboard with three overall WWCDs after Day 2

On June 17, the second day of the 2022 PUBG Nations Cup was held. On day one, Team Finland pulled ahead by feasting on not one, but two chicken dinners in Miramar. They formed a leading group with Team UK and Team Brazil going into day two, where they played three games on Miramar and two games in Erangel.


Day two kicked off with a game on Miramar. Following yesterday’s drastic circles, the first circle for Match six was on the far southeast side, with the center of the circle placed on the dunes north of Valle Del Mar. Teams quickly placed themselves within the circle, so there weren’t too many casualties until the end of phase three.


As the circle continued to close in, teams fought hard to gain priority, with the top four teams left being Team Brazil, Team USA, Team Japan, and Team Vietnam. It was Team Brazil that had the higher ground, and they had managed to keep all of their members alive. Ultimately, they were able to gain the win with 14 kills by defeating Team USA in a 4v4 showdown.


The first circle for Match 7 was one of the most common circles, as it included the whole of Los Leones and stretched north to include Hacienda del Patron. However, Team USA and Team Turkey got into an early skirmish. Team USA were able to eliminate Team Turkey, but they were ambushed by Team China and became the second team to be eliminated.


Besides this fight, the game was relatively quiet. Big fights came later, around the end of phase four, where many teams were eliminated. It all came down to Team Chinese Taipei, Team Argentina, and Team Korea, with Team Korea sandwiched between the two other squads. After eliminating Team Korea with frag grenades, Team Argentina pushed forward to finish Team Chinese Taipei for the chicken dinner. Although they were eliminated earlier, Team China had a great game as they collected 12 kills.



In Match 8, the circle bounced to the south side of the map, and only three teams were fully farming in the first circle. Throughout the game, Team Korea positioned themselves well near the center of the area, collecting some kills and keeping their hopes up for their first win this PNC.


However, the Korean’s circle luck came to an end at the phase 8 circle, and they were eliminated by Team Brazil on the way in. After taking down Team Korea, Team Brazil finished off the remaining Team Turkey players to gain their second Chicken Dinner of the day, third overall. With the win, they were able to jump forward on the total leaderboard.


Heading back to Erangel, Match 9 started off with a northeast circle, with Yasnaya Polyana in the center. Teams gathered around in big and small complexes around Yasnaya Polyana, but as the circle headed west of Stalber, all teams started flocking. Team USA were the first to be eliminated in this process, despite initially being closest to the center of the circle.


Moving on, Match 9 ended up with the top Asian teams in Team China, Team Japan, and Team Korea — three teams that hadn’t won a match yet in the tournament. Team Korea did well by holding the line against Team China, but they weren’t able to penetrate through Team Japan’s blockade as Team Japan took their first win of the tournament.



Match 10’s circle formed around Mylta and Mylta Power. Team Germany was in last place as they started off farming in Novorepnoye, but they continued to struggle in this competition, as they failed to fight off Team Chinese Taipei on the southeastern cliffs of Mylta to be the first team eliminated in Match 10.


By phase six, eight teams still stood as they gathered around the small  Mylta Power factory. Skirmishes came from all around the map, while Team UK secured an advantageous position with all four members. When the last circle started shrinking, there were still six teams surviving, but they had to fight each other as the circle caved in. Team UK already had a good spot in the middle of the circle, and they collected the WWCD with 11 kills. With the win, they rose to 2nd place overall.


After all the matches for day 2 were concluded Team Brazil led the way 119 points — 3 WWCDs and 73 kills. Being the leader, Pedro "sparkingg" Ribeiro joined the broadcast to be interviewed by the host. When asked about ending up in first place, sparkingg shrugged and said, “We got the circle, we got the kills. There was nothing for us to do; we got fed, so we just enjoyed shooting people, and we were having fun.” Finishing the interview, sparkingg said there was more to come from his squad. “The goal is always to be better than yesterday, so we’re going to make the points we need to win the tournament.”


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