Junker Queen's design has some Overwatch fans disappointed

Images via Blizzard Entertainment


Junker Queen has been announced as the next hero in Overwatch 2. While the Overwatch community is excited about the long-awaited hero, some are disappointed in her design. 


Junker Queen is a ruler of Junkertown, the apocalyptic wasteland of Australia. Junker Queen also oversees a gladiator-like tournament known as the Scrapyard. She has been speculated for years, with Blizzard even dropping hints about her in shorts and within the game itself. 


But the newly announced tank is not what some fans had in mind. 


Junker Queen is a strong figure in Overwatch lore so some within the community expected her to look fierce. While Junker Queen's design has some badass elements, she didn't have the original feel some were hoping for. 


Many have started comparing Junker Queen to other characters in popular video games, including within Overwatch itself. In an announcement post on Facebook, players said they thought she was a new skin for Zarya. Others pointed out that Junker Queen looked very similar to Mad Maggie from Apex Legends. 


Source: Apex Legends


From the spiky armor to the haircut, there are similarities between the two characters. And with Mad Maggie a recent addition to Apex Legends, it makes the release of a similar character even more apparent. 


Despite the design, Overwatch fans are excited to learn more about Junker Queen. Many have been waiting for her to be a playable hero for years. A new tank will be an interesting addition to the roster with the new one-tank team compositions as developers are likely giving her an aggressive kit that hasn't been seen before. But others are wondering if there will be any more support heroes custom-made for the new 5v5 meta. 

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