Smash community comes together to support ChillinDude after pro player has stroke, upcoming heart surgery

Image via Team Liquid


Kashan "ChillinDude" Khan recently suffered a stroke and his family is asking the Smash community for support. Chillin's brother Burhan created a GoFundMe earlier today, June 10, in hopes of raising money for the veteran Melee player's recovery and upcoming surgery.


According to Burhan's GoFundMe, Chillin's family became concerned on June 3 after not hearing from him for a few days. At first, they thought he was busy with friends or streaming. But after Chillin didn't return calls for a few days, his family asked friends to check on him, wondering if the silence had something to do with his recent knee pain. 


Chillin's friends found him unresponsive on the floor in his bedroom. The paramedics were immediately contacted and Chillin was taken to the hospital. His knee had an infection that spread to his heart, resulting in a medium-sized stroke. 


Fortunately, Chillin is already "on the path to recovery," with his speech and movement rapidly improving. But Chillin still has a long time to heal, Burhan explained, noting that the infection had damaged his heart. He will be getting open-heart surgery next week, which is not covered by Chillin's insurance, according to the post. 

"The doctors have been telling us they may have to send him home early for not presently having the proper coverage," Burhan wrote. 


In the hour since the GoFundMe was created, there have been nearly 600 donations. The campaign has currently raised over $21,000 for Chillin's recovery and surgery. The goal is $100,000 with all money going to his recovery and help. 


"Please keep Kashan in your prayers," his brother wrote. "Thank you all for any help you can offer." 

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