E3 is returning in 2023 with an in-person event


Once one of the biggest video game events of the year, E3 has slowly declined over the past few years. First there were journalist and industry insiders complaining about E3 allowing general admission in 2017. Then PlayStation pulled out of E3 in 2019. And then, of course, the pandemic halted all in-person events. 


E3 is now looking to make a return. The trade fair confirmed that it's coming back in 2023 with a digital and in-person event. 


"We're excited about 2023. As much as we love these digital events and want that global reach, we know there's a really strong desire for people to convene and be able to connect in-person and see each other to talk about what makes games great," Stan Pierre-Louis, Entertainment Software Association president, said to Washington Post. 


Pierre-Louis said that the online experimentation from game companies has been "great" in seeing what best promotes games and products. But there is still space for a physical show. 


"Combining those two [virtual and in-person events] is a critical element we think E3 can provide," Pierre-Louis said. "What we are excited most about is that companies want to reach consumers and players in different ways. All these efforts come from one thing: How do we spread the great word that video games have a positive impact, bring us together, connect us, and just bring us joy?" 



A lot of new gaming events have come about due to the absence of E3. This includes the Summer Games Fest in just a few days. The June 12 conference is hosted by Xbox and Bethesda. This has led some people to say that E3 has been "replaced" and is no longer needed. 


But E3 is looking to make a major comeback with an in-person event in 2023. It's still unclear, however, what the event will include. Will there be anything new to increase the importance and excitement of E3? Exclusive interactive exhibits? Groundbreaking activations? Awesome announcements? This is not public knowledge as of yet, nor is the date. 


Historically, E3 has been held mid-June. While E3 has held off this summer, it's very likely that E3 will announce a June date for 2023. For now, fans of gaming conferences and shows will have to wait for more information. 

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