IGEC 2022 day 2 roundup: esports investment, western talent development & the world of VTubing


Day 2 of the 2022 Inven Global Esports Conference is in the books, and with that, the event has concluded. Let's take a look at what aspects of the esports industry at large were discussed within the panels that made up the final day of IGEC 2022.


Day 2 began with an esports investment panel that was hosted by MetArena's Marcus Howard and featured four speakers: Bradley Tusk of Tusk Venture Partners, TSX/TSX Venture Exchange's Daniel Lubienietzky, Jens Hilgers of BITKRAFT Partners, and Game Fund Partners' Jonah Blake. The discussion focused on what factors and changes can lead to more consistent financial stability in the esports space, as well as the importance of diversity in the fiscal maturation of the industry.


"There's a concept called the 'indie-pocalypse' where even though 75% of games are made by independent game developers, you rarely hear of any of them, unless they break out," said Howard when discussing one of the many potential obstacles of the space. 


Things kept rolling at IGEC 2022 with a leadership-focused panel regarding the grassroots competitive Smash scene and featured four leaders of the space, including Hunter Leigh, the head of esports at Golden State Warriors affiliate organization Golden Guardians. 


After a one-hour break, a panel entitled "Company Culture in Gaming: Secrets to Building a Team that Thrives, Grows, and Stay" took place and featured five panelists discussing the developing and maintaining of a healthy company culture in a mostly digital space like esports. 


"It’s important that, as the company shifts and transitions, the culture remains open and inclusive to everyone that is joining or has continued to stay with the company, so it’s not going too far to one end of the spectrum," said Enlight founder Eunice Chen.



The next panel focused on League of Legends esports, specifically on the topic of talent development in the LCS and the LEC, the premiere leagues in North America and Europe, respectively. The panel featured Peter Dun, the head coach of reigning LCS champion of Evil Geniuses, and LCS Academy League broadcast producer Kelsey Moser.


The eclectic array of previous positions held by both panelists, including shared experience from Moser's time on EG as the Competitive & Collegiate Development Lead in 2021, resulted in a fluid, nuanced discussion.



IGEC 2022 concluded on a VTubing double-feature. The "Thinking 2D: A Guide to Successful VTubing" panel, which featured two members of the VShojo team who specialize in creating workshops and sharing the secrets of their talent's success, came first before a full VTube one-on-one interview with Vshojo talent Ironmouse about her journey from opera singer, to health complications, to Vtuber stardom.


"I have days that are more difficult than others. But to me, VTubing has been an escape from my life. I have a very stressful personal life," Ironmouse admitted I've been through a lot of things. I don't see this as a job. I see this as a vacation.



To me, it's having fun. It's my social life," the Chaotic Demon Queen continued. "It's my enjoyment. It's what makes me most happy. When I don't stream I get very depressed. It's hard for me when I get ill and have to take breaks because the things I want to do most are streaming and talking to people. I get to talk to many wonderful people every day."

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