Dominic Kallas on future of TSM: "The #1 game [I want to be involved with] is Rocket League."


The 2022 Inven Global Esports Conference is officially underway, and for the second panel of the event, TSM VP of Esports Dominic Kallas gave a keynote and took questions from the community following his thoughts on the future of esports and how the changing ecosystem is influencing his direction on shaping TSM's future.



The cornerstone of Kallas' keynote was that the primary goal of esports organizations is to connect with fans via a shared passion for competitive gaming. Furthermore, Kallas emphasized that the key to longevity for esports organizations is to create a community of fans that thrives through all competitive programs of an organization. 


Kallas, who has a background in finance, stated that one of the reasons he wanted to join TSM to help bring the organization into its next chapter after recent turbulence was because TSM is one of the few esports organizations that has been run to a profit since its founding in 2010. In a pre-IGEC 2022 interview with Inven Global, Kallas stated that he was 'here to clean up a mess' but was hopeful about TSM's future because of financial success in a young industry that often runs in the red.



Kallas thinks that his keys to long-term success in esports are things that TSM has already laid the foundation for organically, and his overarching goal is to unite all corners of the TSM fanbase through 8-10 esports teams as a global brand. TSM has two offices in the United States — Los Angeles, CA and Austin, TX — as well as a China office in Shanghai, and while they are best known for their League of Legends program, TSM has teams across the globe as well.


There is one esport in particular that stands out to Kallas in terms of TSM's future focus — Epic Games' Rocket League.


"I think it's an amazing, amazing, amazing title," Kallas said in the Q&A following his IGEC 2022 keynote speech. "However, there are current restrictions inside of Epic that actually don't allow us to have our branding on our car or in the ecosystem." Kallas explained that this was due to TSM's cryptocurrency partner FTX, and that he is working diligently to work around those restrictions with Epic Games.


IGEC 2022 is currently live through June 2nd at 5:00pm PT and is being livestreamed here.

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