Wemade Presents 2nd Documentary for MIR4

The following was sent to Inven Global as a Press Release

Wemade’s acclaimed MMORPG, MIR4 Global, released part 2 of the documentary series, Why we love MIR4, on its Youtube channel. 


The 2nd video of this 2-part series documentary is called ‘Earn’. The first video, PLAY, presented why global players love MIR4 Global. The second video, Earn, is all about the P&E (play and earn) features of MIR4 Global and how much the players are enjoying this. 



 The fun of playing turns into earning income!


A couple of players in the video shared their stories of how they overcame the financial hardships  with MIR4 Global during the pandemic. They were able to earn income by playing the game. A photographer from Taiwan said, “Because of the pandemic, I wasn’t able to go out and take pictures. That’s when I encountered virtual currency and found that there are games with blockchain. MIR4 Global inspired me to become a professional gamer.”


“I think it’s the evolution of what games should be. Everyone’s time is valuable and MIR4 gave it that value,” said a player from the U.S. Another player from the Philippines noted, “Our effort and grind should result in a better outcome.” He noted how the character becomes more expensive the stronger it gets. 


 Players first liked the idea of earning money from games but later they grew to love the game. They also mentioned how the game acknowledged their time and effort they put into the game. 



  High quality gameplay and interesting economy system


The video focused on the different economies in MIR4. “Through Seoul Spooning and the introduction of HYDRA, the prices of DRACO became stable,” said a player from the Philippines. “You can tell that the developers are watching out for the economy of the game.” MIR4 introduced the HYDRA Token back in January and has been trying to keep its economic system sound and fair.


In MIR4, there are many different ways of earning money other than mining Darksteel and exchanging them with tokens. You can grow your character and mint your character as NFTs, participate in the NFT staking system, MIRAGE, or the HYDRA staking system. Since the game has many economic systems, you can earn income while playing the game.


Lastly, one of the players mentioned the quality of MIR4 Global. “Most of the blockchain games I found have started out as a strictly blockchain project. However, MIR4 Global was integrated into a well-designed game, which makes the game more interesting than others.” said a player. He went on to explain the strengths of MIR4 Global. 


MIR4 Global officially launched in August 2021 and it currently services 229 servers worldwide with a record of 1.4 million concurrent players. With a stable blockchain technology and high quality gameplay, it is receiving love and support from players globally. 


Visit the official Youtube channel to watch the 2nd video of the MIR4 Global documentary.



Wemade Co., Ltd is a South Korean game development company that is deeply entrenched in the gaming industry. Established in February 2002, the company develops blockbuster games and invests in high-potential businesses to create a healthy gaming and IT ecosystem while focusing on the Metaverse and building a decentralized blockchain-based NFT and FT platform to meet today’s evolving digital world.  It aims to turn ideas into reality across various facets of gaming, including game development and publishing, IP license, investment, the Metaverse, non-fungible tokens (NFT) and fungible tokens (FT).

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