Smash player competes in Among Us costume on MomoCon stage


A Smash Ultimate competitor showed up to the MomoCon 2022 major this weekend wearing a giant Among Us costume. 


It all started when a top Pikachu player Mr.L decided to share a clip of casters Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma and Arath Gonzalez reacting with fear and shock to competitor Forte appearing on stage wearing a black Among Us costume. Hungrybox marveled at how Forte even had a chord sticking out of the outfit, showing his dedication to completing his tasks as a crewmember. 



While Forte ended up losing 0-2, many were still impressed with the decision to appear on stream in a dead meme. Some called him a hero and a legend, while others confirmed he was definitely part of the crew and not a sus imposter. Even the official account of Among Us acknowledged Forte's costume.



Some viewers even noted that wearing the Among Us costume was a power move, a "mind game" to get into his opponent's head. But that apparently didn't work at all. 



While many were sad to see Forte lose, the Smasher claimed on Twitter that he "threw" the match "for the content." It could have been seen as a "john," but it's tough to argue that the giant costume wasn't a disadvantage. 


"Even though playing in that thing was hard as well, it was still 100% worth it seeing how happy it made everyone," Forte tweeted. 



The moment was definitely a highlight of MomoCon 2022, with many applauding the Smash community for continuing to bring personality and entertainment to its tournaments, keeping the grassroots feel of the scene alive and non-replicable. Forte may have lost the set, but won everyone's hearts with his antics.

Source: C4ptainF4lcon

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