[MSI 2022] RNG Xiaohu: "I'd like to thank my teammates as it's the first time we ever beat T1 in the finals."


On May 29, Royal Never Give Up defeated T1 in the grand finals of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational. The match was quite close as RNG won 3-2, winning all three games they played on the blue side. It was especially more meaningful for RNG as they became the first organization in history to win three MSI championships. After the match, RNG tuned in with caster Jeon Yong-jun for a brief interview.



(To Bin) It’s the second tournament since Worlds and your first MSI championship. How do you feel?


Bin: It was really tiring this MSI and I’m happy that we won 3-2.


(To Wei) How would you evaluate your Viego today?


Wei: Our teamwork was good, so when I went in with Viego, kills came right away.


(To Xiaohu) You’re the first player to win three MSIs. It would be very meaningful to you. How do you feel?


Xiaohu: I'd like to thank my teammates as it's the first time we ever beat T1 in the finals.


(To GALA) Which moment was the most memorable today?


GALA: When I played Xayah in bot lane, I should have been able to get some solo kills, but it’s regretful that I made mistakes and didn’t.


(To Ming) It’s your third MSI title along with Xiaohu. How do you feel?


Ming: I’d like to thank the team and the coach. I’m happy that our MSI results are good.


(To Kenzhu) You’ve been doing well in international competitions. What drives you so?


Kenzhu: First is our passion for the game, and second, it’s our desire to win the championship.


Lastly, a comment to all the fans?


Kenzhu: I’d like to thank all LoL fans. If there are no fans, there is no RNG. My players worked hard without a break, scrimming through the month. I’m thankful to them as well. I’d also like to thank the RNG staff and coaches. Also, EDG is practicing 12.10 and 12.9 patches for the summer split, but they practiced on the 12.8 version with us to help us through MSI. Especially, I’m thankful to Flandre, who worked hard with us.

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