Esports community demands answers about Sin after racist video goes viral



Last week, a competitive Fortnite player known as Sin came under fire for sharing a concerning video where he showed off his gun collection and threatened to use the weapons on POC if there was a "n—r outbreak." 


The Fortnite player had qualified for the upcoming Fortnite Championship Series Grand Finals, leading many members of the esports community to publicly demand Epic Games ban him from the tournament and the game itself. It was especially upsetting since the video came out just days after the race-driven mass shooting at the Buffalo supermarket


While Sin came forward with alleged confusion over why people were upset over the video, stating that he "never" threatened anyone, it was quickly pointed out that the video broke Epic Games' Community Guidelines, which states that the company will not tolerate "any form" of hate or discrimination. This led many to question why Epic Games had hesitated to publicly condemn Sin and ban him from competing. 


Did Epic ban Sin from the FNCS for racist video?

Five days later, the community is still unclear if Epic Games has made any actions to ban Sin. The Fortnite player has deleted his Twitter and hasn't been vocal on social media since the incident. Epic Games has also not made any public statements regarding the situation despite getting tagged and called out all over Twitter, YouTube, and beyond. 


But instead of responding to concern and frustration from the gaming community, Epic Games has decided to ignore any mention of Sin on Twitter and even removed the ability to comment on YouTube. 



With the public list of participants and banned players not publicly available anywhere, it's impossible to figure out on your own if Sin was allowed to compete or if Epic Games decided to remove him from the tournament. And if they did remove him, why would the company not make a public statement regarding the decision to ban him to avoid continued backlash and anger? This has led many to believe that Epic Games most likely didn't take any action after the video went viral. 


And esports fans are wondering why. With the video clearly going against Fortnite's Community Guidelines, it's currently unclear what would stop Epic Games from making the decision to ban Sin. 



Staying silent amidst controversy instead of publicly announcing a ruling or decision is nothing new for Epic Games. All day, Fortnite players have been demanding that something be done about Martin "MrSavage" Anderson being unfairly kicked from the game, questioning why Epic Games won't offer an explanation or do a restart instead of continuing the tournament as if it didn't even happen. 

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