[MSI 2022] T1 Gumayusi: "Tomorrow, I think we'll demolish them."


On May 28, T1 finally got their revenge on G2 Esports. In the semifinals of the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, T1 had a clean sweep over G2 and advanced to the finals to face Royal Never Give Up. After their win, T1 joined the media for a press conference.



(To Faker) You played Tristana in game 2. Why did you pick her?


Faker: It seemed that Tristana would be good to counter their composition and make a lot of good situations.


(To Polt) How do you predict the result against RNG tomorrow?


Polt: I wanted to say 3-0 but since we lost the coin toss, I’ll say 3-1.


(To Faker) You had revenge on G2 after 3 years. How do you feel?


Faker: I do feel good that we beat G2 3-0, but rather than it feeling good from having revenge, I’m happy about the victory itself.


(To Keria) You’re an amazing player. What’s your secret to being so good? What do you think about RNG’s bot lane?


Keria: My secret is just working hard. Against GALA and Ming tomorrow, if we bring good picks in lane, I think we’ll get ahead without much trouble.



(To Keria) You’ve faced RNG before. How do you think they are?


Keria: I’m looking forward to playing RNG tomorrow. We played against them twice during the Rumble Stage, but I didn’t feel that they were too much better than the other teams. If we just play well, we’ll win.


(To Zeus) You picked Yone today. How is Yone’s tier?


Zeus: I don’t think it’s that good of a pick. Yone is alright depending on the player’s skill or confidence.


(To Polt) Your Rumble Stage games weren’t always that good, but you had a clean win today. What feedback did you give?


Polt: Looking at the tournament from beginning to end, I didn’t think losing a few games in the Rumble Stage really mattered. I told the players that we’re doing well right now, and that if we keep practicing hard as we did, we’ll do well from the semifinals and on.


(To Gumayusi) You had a good performance today. What feedback did you get? What did you try to improve? How do you think tomorrow’s match will go?


Gumayusi: Frankly, I did show some shaky performances, but I had faith in my prowess and thought that we’ll do well later on. Tomorrow, I think we’ll demolish them.


Faker: Oh my…



(To Faker) You’ve been running for a long time. How can you keep running for so long?


Faker: I don’t want to fall behind others. I want to overcome my own self. My goal is to keep improving, so that’s how I can keep running.


(Oner and Faker) RNG has proven to be a worthy or the only opponent that can break the team's wings, what does it mean for you to be able to return the cup to Korea after the results of past years?


Faker: RNG is a good team, but we learned a lot from the Rumble Stage. If we’re not careless and if we don’t make a huge mistake, I believe we’ll win the championship.


Oner: It’s my first MSI. Since we know our and their performance, I think we can win.

(To Faker) You came from a losing streak with the European team, but today you managed to cut that losing streak and position in the MSI final. now, how do you prepare for tomorrow's final against one of the few teams that beat you in the early stages of the MSI?


Faker: Since we only have tonight, we’ll try to maintain our conditions well and discuss how we’ll try to expose their weaknesses more in preparation.


(To Zeus) This is your first international tournament, and this must be a new experience for you. Also, Impact said in Rumble Stage that he could see you are nervous. Do you think nerves impacted your performance? Did the situation improve in the semifinals? Your performance was exceptional today.


Zeus: I wasn’t that nervous against EG. I just had some misplays playing Gangplank. I don’t really get nervous, so I played comfortably today. When I just played comfortably, the game already got very advantageous for us, so I think I just hopped on the bus my teammates drove.


(To Polt) MSI is a tournament that’s really fast. Tomorrow you play MSI finals. How do you plan to use this short amount of time to prepare a Bo5 against RNG?


Polt: Just thinking of the best-ofs, it’s true that the preparation time is very short. However, we’ve prepared a long time from the group stage. Even with the short amount of time we have ahead of tomorrow’s match, I believe we can find good strategies.


(To Faker) We’ve recently talked about how you took more of an enabler role on the team, but today you showed you can and will still take the spotlight and lead the team, was today’s playstyle a personal vendetta against Caps or just a change of pace for the team?


Faker: In the Rumble Stage and the semifinals, we played different compositions with different concepts. This time, we picked those kinds of picks, so I played that role. We always deal with the situation flexibly, with different picks and playstyles, today was one of that.


(To Polt) Which opponent did you focus on preparing for G2? Which lane do you think will be the most interesting tomorrow?


Polt: For G2, we focused the most on reducing Caps’ moving area, since he stands out the most. In tomorrow’s match against RNG, I think the main points will vary according to the draft, so I can’t say now.


(To Gumayusi) It’s a matchup between two advantages. A home ground advantage vs. an actual home advantage. Which do you think is more advantageous?


Gumayusi: I think we’re more advantageous. The reason is that they won’t be able to hear the many fans cheering and shouting.


(To Faker) You’ll be facing RNG in the finals. In the many international tournaments you’ve played in, you never lost a best-of series against RNG. How do you think that record will affect tomorrow’s match?


Faker: I won’t think much about that, but I think RNG players would. During the Rumble Stage, RNG showed that they were nervous, so I think it’ll serve as a slight advantage for us in the finals tomorrow.



(To Zeus) When G2 banned 4 champions against you in game 3, how did you feel? How did it feel picking up a double kill in a 1v5 situation?


Zeus: Since the opponent picked Ornn, I didn’t really care about the bans since there were plenty of champions to play left. I knew that many people were coming to get me in that situation, so I tried to do whatever I can, thinking my teammates will benefit in some other area. I got lucky.


(To Keria) You said that RNG beating T1 is an upset. Do you still think that way? You said that you recovered the “winning mentality” after losing to EG. Did it work out well today?


Keria: I still think that way. If we just give our original performance, we’re the better team. After recovering the winning mentality, I think all the games went well.


(To Zeus) Bin said that you were the most impressive top laner this MSI since you solo-killed him twice. How do you feel facing him in the finals?


Zeus: I think he’s a great player. It’s a good chance for me to meet him at such a high stage. I hope we could present a great duel.


(To Zeus) You often kill two enemies in the sidelanes alone. How are you so calm?

Zeus: That’s probably because I scaled well and it was easy to deal with.


(To Keria) You picked several champions today. It seems one of the important parts of tomorrow’s match is the champion pool of the two supports. How do you think it’ll go?


Keria: We have to face GALA and Ming. I think if Ming plays a playmaking champion, he’s good. On the other hand, when he plays a utility champion, RNG’s playstyle kind of crumbles. I think we’ll prepare well keeping this in mind.


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