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[MSI] Gigabyte Marines ranked no.1 with the score of 3-0



The 2017 MSI Play-In Stage 1R 2nd day tournament of the group B in Sao Paulo, Brazil on April 30 has concluded. The 1st place went to Gigabyte Marines from Vietnam with the score of 3-0, and Lyon Gaming from Mexico took the 2nd place.

Lyon Gaming claimed its victory against Virtus.pro from Russia in the 1st match. Although Virtus.pro took the lead in the beginning of the game, a number of intense teamfights gave Lyon Gaming a chance to overturn the tide, and eventually managed to win with Ashe’s superplay followed by Ekko’s backdoor strategies.

In the following 2nd match, Gigabyte Marines from Vietnam beat Isurus Gaming from Chile. The Vietnamese team dominated the game in the beginning, but there were a couple of moments where they overreached, making the game somewhat balanced for both teams. However, the team took the Baron Nashor buff after the outright victory of the teamfight against , and ended the game with Graves having his own way with Zilean and Lulu’s supports.

Virtus.pro beat Isurus Gaming in the 3rd match. Isurus Gaming took the first lead by taking First Blood in the top-jungle fight. However, Kreox’s Kha’Zix helped other laners to have time to gear up, and managed to change the atmosphere with the luring play near Baron Nashor. Frustrated, Isurus Gaming opened the teamfight with Ekko’s charge in the front, however it was the best chance for Virtus.pro, and the Russian team successfully claimed the win with their Baron buff.


In the 4th match between Gigabyte Marines and Lyon Gaming, Lyon Gaming took the first bottom tower with their aggressive playstyle. In addition to that, Lyon Gaming managed to claim the buff of Baron Nashor thanks to the failure of an ambush by Gigabyte Marines. Having one step behind, Gigabyte Marines attempted a winning step to take the buff of Baron Nashor secretly and succeeded, making the tides of the game towards Gigabyte Marines, and there was no overturn after that.

Lyon Gaming absolutely dominated the game in the 5th match. Oddie’s Lee Sin showed the best moments in the game, and so did Seiya’s Ahri. Lyon Gaming took all the advantages of each teamfight. Isurus Gaming could not stop Lyon Gaming, and Lyon Gaming concluded the game with the score of 2-1.

Gigabyte Marines, with their overturned victory, placed at no.1 of the group in the last 6th match of today. The great play by Optimus’s Syndra in the beginning of the game seemed to lead the game, but Virtus.pro broke down the balance by winning the teamfight when Gigabyte Marines’ The Equalizer was on cooldown. Instead of taking a defensive stance, Gigabyte Marines took the aggressive approach to slay Baron Nashor and miraculously won the following teamfight with the buff. The composition of Gigabyte Marines that possesses more AoE skills gradually showed its potential, and the team claimed victory after winning the teamfight occurred in the small area.

Scores of 2017 MSI Play-In Stage 1R 2nd day (winner in bold)

1st match: Virtus.pro vs
Lyon Gaming

2nd match: Gigabyte Marines vs Isurus Gaming

3rd match: Virtus.pro vs Isurus Gaming

4th match: Gigabyte Marines vs Lyon Gaming

5th match: Lyon Gaming vs Isurus Gaming

6th match: Gigabyte Marines vs Virtus.pro

Current states of the teams of 1R Group B of 2017 MSI Play-In Stage

1st: Gigabyte Marines 3-0

2nd: Lyon Gaming 2-1

3rd: Virtus.pro 1-2

4th: Isurus Gaming 0-3


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