Former LA Police Officer arrested for "multi-year harassment campaign" of WoW streamer Nalipls

Source: nalipls Twitter

29-year old Evan Baltierra has been arrested for stalking Canadian WoW Twitch streamer nalipls and her family in a “multi-year harassment campaign”. Baltierra was a "long-time member and moderator" of nalipls stream before the stalking, which eventually drove nalipls to retire from Twitch.



The disturbing tale starts back in ​​In November 2019, when nalipls traveled to Anaheim to attend Blizzcon, where she participated in a meet-and-greet with fans at the Anaheim Convention Center. One of these fans included Baltierra, who was already a moderator on her channel, and allegedly asked her to be his “Valentine” to which she politely responded by stating she had a boyfriend.


Baltierra then followed this up by an expressed desire to visit her in Canada, an offer than nalipls again politely turned down, according to her account.

nalipls at Blizzcon 2019. Source: nalipls Twitter


From that initial meeting, Baltierra's stalking increased in intensity, to which nalipls responded initially with her publication of a series of screenshots and images showcasing Baltierra’s attempts to visit the victim in real-life. Further screenshots also show Baltierra seeking legal advice through Reddit forums after nalipls revealed she would be taking this to court.



Blackmailed with fake porn

The messages then grew into threats of violence and blackmail towards nalipls. One of these offenses included the threat of creating and distributing photoshopped pornographic photographs of nalipls, with Baltierra saying he would send the faked pictures to her friends and family if she didn't comply with his demands.


In her Twitlonger, nalipls claims Baltierra went through with his threat, leading to her having to visit a hospital with a stress related heart problem. A temporary restraining order was obtained by nalipls against Baltierra on February 2021, where he signed an agreement promising to end the harassment campaign. However, it was revealed that the harassment continued after this point, which led to a search warrant being created for Baltierra's residence.


“In March 2022, law enforcement executed a search warrant at Baltierra’s residence and seized several items, including a thumb drive that contained many photoshopped nude images with the victim’s face on them, and evidence on Baltierra’s iPhone of email accounts with which he used to send the victim harassing messages,” the press release from the Department of Justice stated.


Baltierra, a former Los Angeles World Airport Police Officer, has now been charged with one count of stalking. If convicted, Baltierra could face a statutory maximum sentence of five years in federal prison.



As a result of the harassment, Nalipls has not streamed through her Twitch account in two years and appears to have retired from playing WoW in public. She is still active through her Twitter account, where she posts updates on her case with Baltierra.

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