[MSI 2022] RNG Xiaohu: "I played every game this year as if it’s my last."


On May 26, Riot Games held the media day for the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational playoffs. Prior to the Knockout Stage, two players from each team sat with the media to answer questions. Below is a full translation and transcription of the press conference for Royal Never Give Up and Evil Geniuses.

(To EG) How does it feel to be in the semis?


jojopyun: It feels crazy. It’ll definitely be a learning experience


Inspired: It doesn’t feel too special. It just feels like another international tournament


(To EG) During the Rumble Stage, you played twice and lost both times against RNG. Will things be different this time?


Jojo: The mindset that we have is that we’re playing to win, and we’re better in best-of-5.


Inspired: They made mistakes the last time we played against them, and hopefully, we’ll be able to punish the mistakes that they make in the semifinals as well.


(To EG) How does it feel to reach the semis in your international tournament?


jojopyun: Obviously, it feels good that we made it this far, and we believe we can go further. It’s been a really good experience so far.


Inspired: We feel like we weren’t good at anything in the beginning, from basic things such as moving around the map. We had to start from square one, and now we feel like we’re pretty good at this.


(To EG & RNG) Which lane do you think you need to focus on the most in the knockout stage?


jojopyun: We need to focus on all of the lanes.


Inspired: I think mid lane is the most important.


Wei: I think the most important thing is to focus on our game plan. I’ll make sure that our mid and bot lane can farm. 



(To Xiaohu) Last year at MSI semis, coach Poppy of RNG stated that there are disadvantages to playing earlier in the schedule. Why did the team decide to play earlier this year?


Xiaohu: I believe that for pro players, it doesn’t really matter if you play earlier or later. You have a day to analyze the other team’s gameplay if you play early, but I think that you can maintain the momentum if you play later. Since we were the first seed out of the Rumble Stage, we just exercised our right.


(To Xiaohu) What are RNG’s strengths over EG? What are some of the win conditions that RNG have over EG?


Xiaohu: Truthfully, I think that our game should be played through mid lane. I know I’ll do well in the laning phase, on top of making the right in-game calls and having great team synergy.



(To jojopyun) I heard that you’re a Korean-Canadian. How does it feel in the motherland? Also, as you’re known for your trash talk, is there anything you’d like to say to Xiaohu?


jojopyun: I was raised in Canada, but my parents are Korean. I really love the country, especially the food, the scenery, and everything else. I loved it every single time I’ve been here. We made a lot of mistakes, but we worked hard in fixing those mistakes. We’re confident that we’ll win against RNG.


(To Xiaohu) G2’s performance fell off towards the end of the Rumble Stage. Despite so, why did RNG choose EG?


Xiaohu: It just seemed more fun to play against EG. 


(To Inspired) How did it feel facing the mid-jungle duo of RNG?


Inspired: I think he’s a player who stays very focused, and it felt like they had too much freedom in the game. I think we’ll need to stay focused to not make mistakes and make sure to limit RNG’s movements.



(To RNG) What’s the difference between playing offline vs. online?


Xiaohu: As a pro, I want to play offline as well. It’s really disappointing that we couldn’t participate in-person this year, and miss out on some of the experience that only pros can experience, such as setting up gear on-stage.


(To Xiaohu) How has this year’s MSI experience changed from your previous ones?


Xiaohu: Truthfully, I think I played all my games this year as if it’s my last.


(To Xiaohu) How do you predict the score for T1 vs G2 to go? Which mid laner would you prefer facing, caPs or Faker?


Xiaohu: I think that G2 can win if they’re in their peak condition that day, but if not, I think they’ll lose 0-3. I want to beat EG to face either one of those teams, because we lost to both of them in the Rumble Stage. I’m confident that we’ll be able to beat them if we meet them in the finals.


(To Xiaohu) As someone who role swapped from top to mid, what’s the difference between the two lanes?


Xiaohu: I think that not only was I bad at laning, but I also lacked game knowledge during the Spring split. I think that I’ve grown since then. You have more freedom in aiding other lanes, side lane macro, and more power in teamfights as a mid laner, but I think that I’ll be able to show up, even as a top laner.

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