Creating Logos for Esports Without Knowing Code

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Esports is becoming more competitive, and the only way to impress your audience is by using a logo. It should not just be any logo but a strong logo that can attract more people to support your team. A logo is an investment; therefore, quality is vital. 

Yet it is common for you to feel that creating a gaming logo without a code is challenging. But with the help of website builders in the market such as Wix, the process of creating a logo has been reduced to just a flow of just a few clicks. Here is how to get started with logos:


Define Your Brand

The logo is one of the most prominent parts of any brand. It defines its products, services, values, visions, and aspirations in a single piece. In eSports, a logo is used to differentiate gamers. Hence you need a cool and utterly unique logo that showcases the genre of games that you have majored into. For instance, if your team plays basketball, you need to have the relevant symbols representing basketball on your logo. This goes a long way in connecting you with your audience. The same goes for creating a gaming logo that will appeal to fans and avid users of your game. 


Go for the Right Font

A good starting point is to be familiar with the different styles of logos. Brands can choose from word marks, brand marks, combination marks, letter marks, symbols, etc. Whatever your choice is, always know that typography is everything. Different fonts elicit different personalities about your team. Fonts like sans serifs can be a good choice for lovers of minimal designs, whereas those like scripts can be suitable if you want something that feels authentic. The typography that you choose should instantly reflect what your team does. 


Choose Your Colors Thoughtfully

Like typography, colors also play a significant role in how your audience interprets your brand. Colors are emotional; hence, consider using a shade that makes your logo professional and memorable. However, it all depends on the sporting activities that you venture into. According to the psychology of logo design, the choice of color of a brand has the power to convey a message to customers. So, brands should strive to use colors and symbols that distinguish them from competitors. For instance, if your game is competitive, you can use red, often linked with fire, anger, and danger. On the other hand, if you want a logo color that is somehow serene and calm, you can go for orange. 


Make a Graphic Statement

Graphics and icons can also help you catch your audience's eye during the competition. It would be best if you went for a graphic element that symbolizes the actual description of your game. If your team's gaming activity is racing, you can opt to use graphics with symbols of cars or flags. You can explore gaming logo graphic styles from a comic book, characters on video games, or any other source.


Be Keen on the Layout

Your gaming logo will probably appear everywhere, from billboards to televisions and social media platforms. So, ensure that its capacity will be easy to change should that need arise. Users can quickly scale it down or up without interfering with its original quality. You can opt for a minimalist but an eye-catching design that will look good on all kinds of screens. If possible, develop a few variations that can work on specific applications. 


Special Features

Livening up your gaming logo goes a long way in attracting people. Employ using unique features like symbols between texts, color gradients, and unique forms of typography. You can attract hundreds of new fans with just a few special features. These features should be able to capture your audience's attention while leaving a memorable impression. Also, approach trends cautiously so that you do not end up using features that will be outdated within a few years.


How to Create a Logo for Esports?

Ready to design a logo for your team? Now that you have all the information that you need to know when making an eSports logo without a code, here is how to create an effective logo within minutes: 


  1. Type your Esports Company Name

First, visit any convenient online tool to help you create your gaming logo. Start by writing the name of your company or tagline if you have any. Give some information about the brand, an overview of what it does, and what it wants to achieve shortly. 


  1. Review Other Esports Logo Designs

Review the hundreds of custom logo designs that match your preferences. You can also come up with your fonts, colors, shapes, and graphics at this step. Select the one that you feel is suitable for your gaming company. 


  1. Customize your Logo

After selecting a nice logo, the final step is to make it your own. You can now customize it uniquely; adjust the shapes, colors, layouts, and general appearance to make it outstanding. The next thing is to bring your new eSports gaming logo to life in order to better represent your brand.


Final Thoughts

With the many perspectives about creating logos, it is essential to consult a professional designer before making any decision. A strong logo is a must-have, especially when the goal is to grab your audience’s attention. What you ultimately decide as a logo should be a good fit for your esports company’s success.

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