[MSI 2022] T1 Oner: "I think that I can say that I am #1 Lee Sin player in the world."

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Not only was T1 able to get their revenge on G2 for their loss in round 1, they also managed to do so against RNG in the last match of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage. With this victory, LPL, LCK, LCS, and LEC, the four major regions of LoL Esports, have moved onto the Knockout Stage.


The jungler for T1, Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, joined Inven for a post-match interview.

Thoughts on the victory?


It feels great that we got our revenge win against RNG.


How did it feel to watch the huge crowd cheer when T1 won?


I was already grateful that they bought tickets to cheer for us, but hearing the crowd clap and roar so loud when we won, and even cheering for us when we lost gave me a lot of energy.


Some said that the reason behind T1’s loss against G2 and RNG was because T1 didn’t analyze the meta. Thoughts?


Rather than that, I think that there was a lot of pressure on all of us while playing.


T1’s macro also looked very vulnerable in round 1. How come?


I agree. I think that even teamfighting… We lost a lot of confidence.


Can you tell us more about losing confidence?


We played confidently against G2, but when we lost to them, we lost confident. We told ourselves that it was only a single game, and that anything can happen in a Bo1, so let’s shed all that weight off our minds and play confidently.


The two youngest members of T1, yourself and Zeus, became the two main carries of the team. What’s the secret?


As a jungler to shine, it’s important that your laners need to play well. It’s true that Zeus is incredibly skilled, but the other laners played well as well, so that’s why I think I was able to receive some of the spotlight.


You've impressed the world with your Lee Sin play against EG yesterday. Do you think that you’re the #1 Lee Sin player in the world right now?


Well.. Although I haven’t watched all the Lee Sin players around the world, given my current level of confidence… I think that I can say that I am #1 Lee Sin player in the world.


Because of Lucian, Wukong, and Ahri, it feels like drafting from the red side is really difficult.


I don’t think we’ve faced too many difficulties drafting on either side. I do agree that the blue side is a bit more advantageous, but we think drafting from red side isn’t too bad.


There’s a high chance that T1 will face G2 in the semifinals. Thoughts?


We lost… In a weird way on day 1 against them. We got our revenge right away, and given how confident we are right now, I think we’ll beat them 3-0.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say?


Although everyone must’ve been disappointed by our round 1 loss against G2 and RNG, we were able to bounce back because of you guys telling us that it was okay. I’m thrilled that we were able to play better, and we’ll make sure to perform well no matter who our opponent is.

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