[MSI 2022] T1 Keria: "I thought that us losing to RNG [in round 1] was an upset."

Image screengrabbed via LCK Broadcast

On the last day, last match of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage, T1 defeated RNG and managed to get their revenge from their loss in round 1. RNG, T1, EG, and G2 are the four teams that will move on to the Knockout Stage, which starts on May 27.


Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok joined Jeesun Park to share their thoughts on the victory.


Congratulations on beating RNG in the last match of the Rumble Stage. How does it feel to get the revenge victory?


Faker: I really wanted to win this time, so it feels good. I was really angry when I lost to them the first time, so it feels good to get the win this time.


Keria: I thought that us losing to RNG was an upset. I didn’t think they were better than us. I thought that as long as we made the right plays, we’d win. We lost in round 1 because we played poorly, so I’m really happy that we won this time because we played well.


What was the biggest reason behind T1’s win vs RNG tonight?


Keria: Until our round 2 match against EG, we didn’t play confidently. The most important feedback we received was to play with confidence. I think everyone playing with confidence is the biggest reason why we won tonight.


What was the most important factor in preparation for tonight’s near-perfect performance?


Faker: We didn’t perform as well as we originally could. Like Keria said, we talked a lot about regaining our confidence. We’ve had healthy discussions on a lot of things such as the draft, and I think our efforts came to fruition.


How did the team react to RNG’s team composition?


Faker: I thought it was very beatable. Tonight’s matchup was one that I practiced, so I thought it’d serve as great practice.


Keria, what’s the secret behind such a high win rate on Nautilus?


Keria: It’s important to be proactive on Nautilus, but it’s also important for your team to follow up for great results. I think we all deserve credit for such a great result tonight.


Oner said that he wants to face G2 and 3-0 them. Is there a team you prefer on the Knockout Stage?


Faker: It doesn’t matter who we face. We did lose to G2, but I’m not scared of them anymore. If we do face them, the goal is to win as fast as possible.


Keria: It doesn’t matter who we face; I just want to end the series as fast as we can.


Lastly, please share your resolution for Knockouts.


Faker: I think that we learned a lot and improved from our Rumble Stage run. We’ll make sure to perform better on the Knockout Stage.


Keria: I believe that we were able to produce great results because of the fans that kept cheering us on during our slump during the Rumble Stage. There’s just the semifinals and the finals left, so we’ll make sure to prepare well.

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