[MSI 2022] T1 Faker: "We’re not performing as well as we want to, but I know we’ll do well in the Knockout Stage."

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After the upset loss against Evil Geniuses in their earlier match, T1 looked like they were back to form against G2 Esports on day 4 of the MSI 2022 Rumble Stage. With a victory over G2, they now sit in second place of the Rumble Stage standings. 


The mid laner for T1, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok, joined Jeesun Park for a post-victory interview on the LCK broadcast.

Congratulations on getting the victory in the revenge match against G2. How do you feel?


We made a lot of mistakes in the first round robin, and we played poorly. Our recent performance wasn’t that great, but I’m really happy that we got our revenge against G2.


You unfortunately lost your earlier match against EG. What did the team talk about after in preparation for this match?


After our first match, we discussed that we were out of sync in our teamfighting. We told ourselves to play with confidence in teamfights.


Against G2, T1 played Ahri and Nautilus, two of the team’s most familiar picks, and completely dominated caPs’ Leblanc. How do you reflect on your performance in that game?


I actually didn’t get that much sleep last night, so I was a bit nervous. I’m not too satisfied in terms of my in-game performance, because I failed to grab solo kills when I had a lead.


T1 banned Ornn and picked Rumble. Can you elaborate on the team composition?


After watching G2’s game, including the game we lost, I realized that they loved to play the game through skirmishing, so we decided to draft a comp that essentially just countered that playstyle.


Tomorrow, you face RNG and Saigon Buffalo. Thoughts on that matchup?


I really want to win the next two matches. Right now, we’re not performing as well as we want to, but I know we’ll do well in the Knockout Stage. I hope to bring fresh momentum into the Knockout Stage after winning our next two matches.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to say to your fans?


I know that fans are really anticipating great performances from us, so I think it’ll be really upsetting if we don't win the championship. I’ll make sure to improve.

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