[MSI 2022] Grevthar: “I leave this competition with the mentality that I gave everything that I had.”

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MSI 2022 has come to an end for RED Canids. The CBLoL champions surprised many by stomping PSG Talon and another win over Istanbul Wildcats. But that's where the glory stopped. In both games against RNG and in the rematches against the aforementioned opponents, the Brazilian squad came up short.


While the elimination from MSI hurts, mid laner Daniel "Grevthar" Xavier also walks away with fond memories and a drive to come back stronger. At the end of his journey in Busan, Grevthar spoke with Inven Global to reflect on the tournament and what it has meant to represent Brazil on the international stage once more.


Welcome, Grevthar. Unfortunately, you've been eliminated from MSI. You and your teammates were quite emotional on stage — can you tell me a bit about what this last day has meant to you?


For us, we knew that the odds weren't that [good]. We are facing a top-two team in the world. It still hurts because, for us, it's just another team. We knew that we could beat them, even though they have all these qualities. It hurts because you know you can beat them, even though they are really good. They are human, they make mistakes. So, we leave with a feeling that we could've won and we could go far in the tournament.


How did you ready yourself for a third game against RNG, knowing that it would be that uphill battle?


We had an advantage because we knew what they used to beat us. We knew that Xiaohu likes a lot of Galio and Twisted Fate, so we thought about banning Galio and picking it, to be more proactive and find plays. We tried in the early game, but we made mistakes that cost a lot. Wei came back strong. Our plan to impact the early game didn't go that well because he got two kills when we slipped. It happens, he's a great player. But yeah, it's good to play against them again because we knew what they played to beat us and we tried to take advantage of this.


Obviously, today's result hurts, but if I look at the games overall, there have been some quite dominant moments from you. You kicked off with a strong performance against PSG Talon, for example, and I think you surprised many people with that. How do you look back at the overall performance?


For me this team, these players are the strongest teammates in every position. I'm not saying they are the savior of the region. [Laughs] But I have the best jungler, who is also the best player in the region, I have the best top laner, I have the best AD carry, I have the best support. For me, it's special. Alongside this, they are my friends. Some are my best friends. With this lineup, I feel that I can come back whenever I want because I know we can win the CBLoL. We have already done this two times in one year. So I think we have a 100% win rate in the region. [Laughs]


But that's what makes it hurt more. As you mentioned, we won two games, which were two stomps. We were very dominant. That's our level. So when we make some mistakes, some slips that shouldn't happen, it hurts more. Even if RNG is the best team in the world, it's that feeling. But I think I can come back again at Worlds if I need, and try to be better.


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Yeah because I wanted to say: You already were at Worlds last year, so if you compare yourself and your team to that tournament, what differences what you see?


I'm not the same player that I used to be. I think I'm becoming more and more confident. Some mistakes that I have done and points that I lack, I am improving [on] every time I come back, every time I play against different top teams. They show me the game in a way that I have never seen before. So, it's good. Every time I come here, for me it's about making myself a stronger player. I don't know man, it hurts now but it also leaves the feeling that I need to come back and I need to make it even better. I need to go to the Group Stage at Worlds, I need to come here again and go to the Rumble Stage. That's what my mentality is now.


Well, I'll tell you what hasn't changed since Worlds: your mindset. I remember speaking to you at Worlds and you saying you wanted to be in the "group of death" with FPX, DWG KIA, and Rogue if you made it to the Group Stage. And here you are, still with the same hunger. [Laughs] But stepping away from the games, what has it meant for you to be here and to represent Brazil again?


It's the best. Every trip, every time I travel and play internationally, is great. The first time I went, which was at Worlds in Iceland, I met Spusi, who does the make-up here at Riot. She's really nice and she was really kind to me, it was a pleasure to meet her. Hannah as well, who also works in make-up. And there was Semmo, the waiter in our hotel, I still have contact with him every day on Facebook. He's a really nice guy.


Alongside being a pro player, you get to know these people. I try to bring some happiness to them, some joy. My life is my life not because of myself. It's because of everyone I get to meet. It's really nice because I made a lot of friends here. It's something that I appreciate not only as a pro player but also as a human being.


I'm glad you will walk away from this event with good memories. To round up, do you want to say anything to the RED Canids fans, Grevthar?


I would like to thank you for cheering for us. We know that some of you guys wake up at 3 a.m. to watch us. I leave this competition with the mentality that I gave everything that I had. Even though it wasn't enough, even though we couldn't go to the Rumble Stage, we showed you guys that we can compete. We will try our best to get back here and make it further. Even though we didn't make it this MSI, next Worlds we will give it 300% to get to the Group Stage. So thank you for cheering, we are nothing without you.

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