Wemade presents a global documentary of MIR4


The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release 


Wemade’s documentary ‘Why we love MIR4’ is now live on its official Youtube channel. This documentary includes interviews from global players who love the widely acclaimed mobile MMORPG, MIR4. 


This documentary is a two-part series with part 1 being PLAY. Players from all over the world shared their stories and memories they had with MIR4. 


A player from Manila, the Philippines praised MIR4 and said, “It has an exquisite storyline. When you are actually playing the quests, it feels like a K-drama.” She went on to further explain other engaging contents that MIR4 offers. 


“My favorite mode in this game is Valley Capture. Everyone in the Clan goes on an intense battle to break the Monolith. The Clan that holds the Monolith can earn a cut of all the Darksteel that everybody else earns, so we worked with people from Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan and China to create a powerful Clan,” said a player from Thailand. 


Other players explained how the game filled the void and socializing that they were getting before the pandemic and mentioned the positive impact of clans and small societies within the game. 


Toward the end of the video, players also shared their thoughts on the concept of P&E(Play and Earn). One player recalled that “earning money from MIR4 was an unforgettable experience for me,” while another mentioned “you can play the game and also generate some profits.”


MIR4, which launched in August of last year, currently operates 229 servers and has hit a record of 1.4 million concurrent users. The stable gameplay and excellent quality drew attention from many players all over the world and is leading a new trend in the global game market with the P&E paradigm. 


Meanwhile, the part 2 of the documentary will be uploaded on Youtube at a later date. 



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