Former Midnight Society employee opens up about abuse and toxicity that made him quit


A former Midnight Society employee has opened up about why he left Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm's video game studio Midnight Society after just a few months. 


In a recently uploaded YouTube video, digital marketer Ryan Mitchell opened up about how his "dream job" turned into a nightmare. While Mitchell stated that the development team was "incredible," he claimed that "abusive leadership" ultimately left him no choice but to leave the company. 


At first, Midnight Society was a dream come true. He was able to "lead the charge" on Midnight Society's brand voice and marketing strategies. Mitchell was even able to do some voice work for upcoming games. But soon, Mitchell alleges, it got to the point where he couldn't handle one individual's behavior. 


Mitchell claimed that one of the higher-ups at Midnight Society was so toxic that it was starting to take a toll on his mental health. The behavior included verbal abuse, "straight-up yelling and bullying" on calls, and insults. Mitchell said that meetings were all about "not setting off this person," leaving him feeling like he was tip-toeing around them. 


"I've never been treated like this as a worker, as a person," Mitchell said. "After a particular meeting full of verbal abuse, I decided to leave." 



Mitchell added that it was not Dr Disrespect who caused him mental stress while working at Midnight Society. Mitchell said that all of his interactions with Dr Disrespect were positive. He called The Doc "extremely creative" and believes he's the reason the studio will succeed. 


Mitchell left a stable job to take part in Two-Time's vision, but it was unfortunately not everything he had hoped for. He stated in his video that he has since has started seeing a therapist and is in the final round of interviews at a few places. 


"I came to Midnight Society, a true startup, a place where I can take all of my creativity to inspire those under me... And all of this came crashing down because of a single verbally abusive leadership individual. I don't regret joining. But I sure as hell don't regret leaving because no day job is worth your mental health, even a 'dream job.'" 

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