SkyDoesMinecraft is attempting to sell YouTube channel for $900K following abuse allegations

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YouTuber Adam Dahlberg is under fire from the streaming community after attempting to sell his SkyDoesMinecraft YouTube channel for $900,000. 


SkyDoesMinecraft is one of Dalberg's many YouTube channels. This one boasts 11.2 million subscribers and an estimated 600,000 views per month. While this all sounds great from an outsider's perspective, YouTuber SunnyV2 decided to warn the streaming community about purchasing the SkyDoesMinecraft channel for such a hefty sum. 


On a community post on his channel, SunnyV2 said that SkyDoesMinecraft has been declining in viewership and has a slowing subscriber growth rate, most likely the reason Dahlberg is hoping to sell it. While Dahlberg states in the advertisement for his channel that it has made over $8 million, SunnyV2 explained that's a thing of the past. 600,000 views per month are equivalent to around $20,000 a year in ad revenue, depending on the channel's cost per 1,000 impressions or CPM.


SunnyV2 also pointed out that Dahlberg has allegedly been stating he can't pay for bills, groceries, or hospital bills, which is concerning for someone who allegedly made $8 million over the course of a couple of years. 



SunnyV2 is a YouTube commentary channel that often focuses on celebrity and YouTube drama. He made a video on the "disastrous downfall" of SkyDoesMinecraft in the past.


Once one of the people shaping the Minecraft YouTube formula, SKyDoesMinecraft's personal life caught up to him in a number of ways.


In the past, people have come forward to talk about how "controlling" and "manipulative" he is in real life. His ex-girlfriend accused him of abuse, cheating, and more in January of 2022, one of the reasons that SKyDoesMinecraft's channel started to struggle even more. 



As more stories of his harassment, mean behavior, manipulation, and lies came to light, the streaming community grew weary of Dahlberg. His last Minecraft video was made 10 months ago, another reason for a decline in revenue and popularity. It's clear that his channel is not what it once was, which is why SunnyV2 has decided to warn people against making the nearly $1 million purchase. 


It's against YouTube's Terms of Service to sell a monetized YouTube channel, another thing Dahlberg can add to the list of questionable activities and accusations against him. 

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