[MSI 2022] G2 Caps on jojopyun: "It's always fun when people trash talk and hype up the game..."

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On May 11, in the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational, G2 Esports took down Evil Geniuses for the second time in the group stage. Despite an early lead, G2 nearly threw the game as EG collapsed on G2 while they were attempting Baron. However, G2 managed to keep their lead and win the game in the end. After the match, Rasmus “Caps” Winther joined Jeesun Park for an interview.

Congrats on the win. That was a crazy game. Especially given it was against an LCS team. It was so close and fun to watch. How was it playing the game?


It was feeling really good at first. It was a kind of good opener we had, and the beginning was going quite well, but after we had a big throw, and they got all the shutdown gold, it started getting a bit scary. [Laughs] I'm just super happy to take them down, especially because it was NA. 


With Camille, Galio, Kai'Sa, and Pyke together, that was your first Galio game this year. What kind of synergy was the key to the comp?


Galio is really strong with Camille especially, also not bad with Kai'Sa, so there was some good synergy in the comp, even Graves. There were a lot of mid bans in the game as well. We went to the 4-5th pick and a bunch of the stronger mids were banned, so Galio was one of the stronger picks that were left.


As you mentioned, the Baron play was a bit dicey and EG almost turned the game around. Were you guys scared that you might drop the game? What was the plan to turn the game around?


We were definitely a bit scared, I'm sure the gold graph went from like 10K to nothing. They probably got a lot of gold at that point. We definitely thought that it was a competitive game now. But the whole time, we felt that if Camille reaches Ezreal and the backline and gets a really good fight for her, then she can take all of five. We saw that later in the game. And the fact that Flakked was really fed in the game was really nice.


The opponent mid laner, jojopyun, is getting a lot of attention with his banter game and trash talk. He made some yesterday. How was it playing against him, and do you have a word for him?


It's always fun playing against him. It's always fun when people trash talk and hype up the game a bit. In this game, I was playing Galio, so it was a bit less fun because I was roaming more. I was playing more against the sidelanes, but yesterday's game was a lot of fun. He seemed a bit nervous. I'm looking forward to seeing how the next few games will go. Good luck with the second half of groups.


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