[MSI 2022] T1 Faker to Gumayusi: "Someone who died that much shouldn’t feel resentful."

Source: Riot Games


On May 10, the 2022 Mid-Season Invitational started off with a match between T1 and Saigon Buffalo. The game was closer than most expected as Saigon Buffalo drew first blood by playing an aggressive bot lane, but T1 managed to recover and win in the end. After the match, Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok joined Jeesun Park for an interview.



Congrats on the win. You’ve won the opening match in Busan. How do you feel?


I’m happy that we were able to win the first game, but I think we need to work harder since it was a harder match than we thought.


Your opponents were Saigon Buffalo. What were you the most aware of?


I heard that they were a very aggressive team, so I tried to be careful about that, but I don’t think our bot was as careful.


Gumayusi said that he felt resentful.


Someone who died that much shouldn’t feel resentful. [Laughs]


T1 died at bot lane. How did you recover from behind?


Although they died a lot, we moved around well to retrieve the priority.


How did you plan the backdoor? 


As soon as the opponent teleported, Zeus was decisive and went for it.


Fans were cheering you on loudly. How do you feel about being able to play in front of the fans?


I had fun playing today since many fans came and cheered a lot for us. I’ll prepare well so that we could be worthy of their cheering.

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