Top Cases to Open in CS:GO in 2022

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive boasts a huge community of users who cannot stop admiring the simplicity behind the game. Users can use lots of weapons, and fight their enemies in teams. To ensure you have the best possible weapon, you can open case CSGO. Which one to choose the best in 2022? Let’s figure it out. If you're looking for the best places to open CSGO Cases, you should visit Farming Less, they have reviewed and compared all major websites in one place.


Top 10 CS:GO Cases

CS:GO cases are weapon cases gained purely via randomized timed drops or as Operation Mission rewards. The cases are locked and can only be opened with the use of a Key. Keys may be earned by trading with other users or by purchasing them directly from the in-game store and the Steam Market. Over 30 examples of cases exist today. Each case contains one-of-a-kind skins that may be utilized during the gameplay or sold on one’s marketplace. Alongside scoring in CS:GO, case opening might come in handy. Check the top picks to consider in 2022.

#1 Chroma 3 Case

Chroma 3 Case was first added to CS:GO in April 2016. It contains various cool community weapons. To open it, you may use a Chroma 3 Case Key. The skins in the series are designed in Neon hues, which literally give them a futuristic appearance. Some of the skins with this case include:

  • Dual Berettas, Ventilators
  • P2000, Oceanic
  • Sawed-Off, Fubar
  • SG 553, Atlas
  • G3SG1, Orange Crash
  • M249, Spectre
  • MP9, Bioleak

#2 Glove Case

CS:GO fans know how some skins are super valuable, and rare. For instance, it concerns knife skin. With Glove Case (first added in 2016), you, in turn, may get a glove that is more exclusive. Apart from it, it features tropical-themed gun skins for some of the game's most popular weapons. Believe, valuable skins really contribute to the CS:GO esports phenomenon and its possible scales. Okay, what about the contents? Some of the skins are:

  • Galil AR, Black Sand
  • MP9, Sand Scale
  • MAG-7, Sonar
  • CZ75-Auto, Polymer
  • Glock-18, Ironwork
  • MP7, Cirrus
  • P2000, Turf

#3 Clutch Case

The Clutch Case (released in 2018) features some of the valuable skins designed in dark colors with one exception - the pink USP-S skin. It is also one of the few cases that come with a pair of gloves rather than a knife skin. Inside the case, find such skins as:

  • R8 Revolver, Grip
  • SG 553, Aloha
  • XM1014, Oxide Blaze
  • Glock-18, Moonrise
  • Negev, Lionfish
  • Nova, Wild Six

#4 Gamma Case

The Gamma case (first added in 2016) has an extensive collection of skins that served as the foundation for some of the most amazing skins to enter the Steam market. Some of the graphics for skins appearing within the case may resemble professional graffiti art and inspire some kind of gangster vibes. Find the following skins:

  • Five-SeveN, Violent Daimyo
  • MAC-10, Carnivore
  • Nova, Exo
  • P250, Iron Clad
  • PP-Bizon, Harvester
  • SG 553, Aerial

#5 Operation Riptide Case

It is a weapon case (first released in 2021) that includes 17 community-created weapon finishes as well as unique knives in the Gamma Finishes. All of the skins were created by members of the CS:GO community. You can encounter these skins:

  • AUG, Plague
  • Dual Berettas, Tread
  • G3SG1, Keeping Tabs
  • MP7, Guerrilla
  • PP-Bizon, Lumen
  • USP-S, Black Lotus
  • XM1014, Watchdog

#6 Operation Broken Fang Case

This case (added in 2020) introduced a slew of vibrant skins to CS:GO. The glove drop alongside several other valuable drops distinguished this case from its counterparts. The rarest drop in most CS:GO cases is a knife, and the amount of cases that deliver gloves is very small, however, Operation Broken Fang Case changes the situation. You can find such skins as:

  • P90, Cocoa Rampage
  • G3SG1, Digital Mesh
  • Galil AR, Vandal
  • P250, Contaminant
  • M249, Deep Relief
  • MP5-SD, Condition Zero

#7 CS20 Case

The CS20 case (introduced in 2019) includes some of the most stylish skins to date. For example, you will find bright Wildfire AWP and the Commemoration FAMAS, and 13 alternative finishes for the Classic Knife. But the general color palette of the case is on the darker side. Other skins you may come across include:

  • Dual Berettas, Elite 1.6
  • Tec-9, Flash Out
  • MAC-10, Classic Crate
  • MAG-7, Popdog
  • SCAR-20, Assault
  • FAMAS, Decommissioned
  • Glock-18, Sacrifice

#8 Danger Zone Case

Danger Zone (released in the 2018 update) is considered an influential patch in the history of CS:GO. It brings a novel battle royale and is powered by truly fantastic skins. The AK-47 joined the Asimov family, and the AWP received a new futuristic skin. Other skins are:

  • MP9, Modest Threat
  • Glock-18, Oxide Blaze
  • Nova, Wood Fired
  • M4A4, Magnesium
  • Sawed-Off, Black Sand
  • SG 553, Danger Close
  • Tec-9, Fubar

#9 Fracture Case

The Fracture (released in 2019) is the top case that includes 17 community-designed weapons as well as the basic Shattered Web Case knives (Paracord Knife, Survival Knife, Skeleton Knife, Nomad Knife). More skins are:

  • P2000, Gnarled
  • SG 553, Ol’ Rusty
  • SSG 08, Mainframe 001
  • P90, Freight
  • Negev, Ultralight
  • PP-Bizon, Runic
  • P250, Cassette

#10 Operation Hydra Case

Last but not least, you should definitely consider the Operation Hydra Case (released in 2017). It contains weapon skins created by community users and new gloves that were introduced alongside Operation Hydra as an exclusive drop. Some of the skins are:

  • USP-S, Blueprint
  • FAMAS, Macabre
  • M4A1-S, Briefing
  • MAC-10, Aloha
  • MAG-7, Hard Water
  • Tec-9, Cut Out

To learn more about the cases, you can also stick to reading the CS:GO fandoms, where users share their unbiased opinions on what skins and cases really helped them. Have a good case opening in 2022!

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