Ludwig admits to being most "sus" Among Us player of all time

Image via Ludwig


Twitch streamer Ludwig Ahgren has confessed to one of the biggest sins known to mankind, something that will reshape how the world sees him and his work. On a recent episode of The Yard, Ludwig admitted that he has cheated in Among Us. 


"For content, a couple of times, I had my chat on Emote Only [mode] ... For juicy content, I'd sometimes look at chat and see who they were emoting. There would always be narcs. Then I would guide content that way," Ludwig said. 


But Ludwig didn't do it to win. He didn't do it for the clout of being the most "sus" imposter of all time. No, Ludwig did it to mess with his viewers. For example, if he found out that YouTuber Sykkuno was the imposter, he would play dumb and hang out with him throughout the entire game and then act shocked when he ended up getting "manipulated" by him.


"It doesn't matter if you win Among Us," Ludwig said. 


The other hosts questioned if Ludwig would cheat if he was in an Among Us tournament, the ultimate epitome of esports content that is sure to shape the industry. Ludwig said that he'd never cheat in a tournament and would even turn off his chat to keep it fair. 


"I promise I didn't cheat in the tournaments," Ludwig exclaimed. 



Disguised Toast and other streamers reacted to Ludwig's podcast with shock and disgust. Sykkuno joked that he would never trust Ludwig again after "taking it out of context and jumping to a conclusion." Ludwig commended him for being "such a good streamer." 


The streaming community started debating if what Ludwig did was morally right — and if it was for better or worse. Some felt that it was cheating even though the game isn't serious, questioning if Ludwig should be banned from Twitch. But most people found it harmless, stating that it made better content than watching "sweaty" tryhards. Which are apparently a thing in Among Us lobbies. And apparently Among Us lobbies still exist. 



In the end, it was seen as a smart play by Ludwig. Making better content seemed like a good call, especially in a party game like Among Us where there are no actual stakes outside of tournaments. It also seemed on-brand for Ludwig to mess with other streamers, so most had no hard feelings over his decision to be a bit sus. 

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