KkOma will continue to lead team Korea for League of Legends in the 2022 Asian Games


On April 27, KeSPA announced that they are sticking with Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun as the head coach of the League of Legends team for the 2022 Asian Games. KeSPA appointed kkOma as the head coach back in March, but after some issues, kkOma announced that he intends to resign from the position.


Last Thursday, KeSPA and kkOma held a press conference to clear what recently has been happening around selecting the players for the national team, tryouts, and the canceled exhibition match that was supposed to be held in Gwangju. KkOma stressed that he continued to decline all the schedules KeSPA prepared as it would make the players tired.


After shedding tears on his own stream later that day, kkOma announced that he intends to step down from the head coach position on Friday. KeSPA immediately reacted on this matter and said that they’d take all measures to keep kkOma on board and prevent his resignation.


KeSPA persuaded kkOma to keep him from resigning on April 26 and managed to change his mind. Additionally, KeSPA discussed the process of the LoL subcommittee and its responsibilities and cleared that the subcommittee wasn't involved in managing the players or the schedule. The controversial schedule with the exhibition match and bootcamp was all decided with KeSPA before the head coach was assigned or the subcommittee was formed. KeSPA apologized for the inconvenience they caused through this process.



Lastly, KeSPA spoke about the most important process: selecting the League of Legends players for the national team. They cleared that the final roster will be decided by the head coach and subcommittee in early May. The six members of the national team will be based on the past four years' performance data of domestic and international competitions, the 2022 season performance, and the performance during the boot camp. The subcommittee will be revealed along with the roster.

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