Guide: Three items that really stand out in the new ladder season of Diablo 2: Resurrected

The first ladder season of Diablo 2: Resurrected is just around the corner. Patch 2.4, which came earlier this month, introduced a lot of changes to the game, including class balance, mercenaries, and set items.


Some already existing items are gaining a lot more attention now, including Mancatcher (see below), which can be improved with popular runewords such as Infinity. Windforce will also be used a lot more often due to the balance changes to the Amazon class. 


Let’s have a look at some items that were useless, but will be popular in the 2.4 patch and the new ladder season.



Unique Hydra Bow

Two-hand damage: 35-(247-547)

Required Level: 73

Required Strength: 134

Required Dexterity: 167

Bow Class - Slow Attack Speed

+250% Enhanced Damage

+3-309 Maximum Damage (+3.125 Per Character Level)

20% Increased Attack Speed

6-8% Mana Stolen Per Hit

Heal Stamina Plus 30%

+10 to Strength

+5 to Dexterity



In the past, Windforce was one of the endgame weapons for bow Amazons. 20% enhanced attack speed, 250% enhanced damage, extra damage per level, mana steal, and knockback — it was an expensive weapon that all players desired. After runewords were introduced, it lost its position at the top tier to Faith, but it was still usable for its high damage.


If you enjoy using Windforce, you’ll welcome the new patch changes. The item attributes are the same but the buffs to the Amazon skills have made it better than before. An additional physical damage synergy has been added to Strafe, Guided Arrow, and Multiple Shot, so Windforce has returned to popularity for its high max damage. One of the weaknesses of Windforce was its low attack rating, but this can be made up with the buff on Strafe.


You will still need additional items to maximize its attack speed, such as equipping Faith on your mercenary. It hasn’t been that long since the Patch 2.4 arrived, so people are still experimenting with different setups and skills. Still, many Amazons have been giving out positive evaluations to Windforce, so it’ll be quite useful in the new ladder season.



Two Hand Damage: 42-92

Required Level: 55

Required Strength: 132

Requried Dexterity: 134

Range: 5

Durability: 28

Sockets: 5

Speed: -20

Quality Level: 74


In the Patch 2.4, you can create Infinity, Obedience, and Pride runewords on spears, so there will be more base items to choose from. The base item that’s gained the most attention after this patch is Mancatcher.


Mancatcher has the fastest attack speed among the elite spears and polearms. The Great Poleaxe’s basic attack speed is 0, Giant Thresher is -10, and Mantcatcher is -20. Typically, the faster the attack speed, the lower the damage, so Mancatcher may not be the best item. However, it is useful in certain conditions and situations.


Many users will be selecting Mancatcher as the base item for Infinity, which has a 40% chance of crushing blow. This will be useful to many classes and their mercenaries, including summon Necromancers who take longer to slay boss monsters.


The maximum number of sockets on a Mancatcher is 5, so you can’t gain one with 4 sockets through Larzuk’s quest. If you need one with 4 sockets, you’ll need to pick one up yourself or use the cubing formula.

Stygian Pike

Stygian Pike

Two Hand Damage: 29 - 144

Required Level: 49

Required Strength: 168

Required Dexterity: 97

Range: 4

Durability: 35

Sockets: 4

Speed: 0


Stygian Pikes will be used a lot as well. Like the Mancatcher, Stygian Pike will be a popular runeword base item. Its biggest advantage is that its maximum number of sockets is four — you can gain a four-socket Stygian Pike through Larzuk and use it as the base item for Infinity. With a four-socket Stygian Pike, you can also make Pride as well.


Stygian Pike also has a decent base damage of 29-144. Comparing it to the Great Poleaxe (46-127), which was another popular base item, it has about the same average damage. The attack speed is the same as well. Its range is slightly lower than that of the Great Poleaxe, but this doesn’t matter with the Act 2 mercenaries, so it wouldn’t be an issue.


The item quality level is low at 66, so it’s easier to obtain, mostly through certain areas in Act 5, as well as the Nightmare Cow Level. The Great Poleaxe is level 84, so it’ll be much easier to pick up a normal Stygian Pike.


The Ghost Spear also has the same average damage as Stygian Pike or Great Poleaxe, but the quality level is in between the two items (level 83), and its maximum number of sockets is six. If you were to come across a four-socket ethereal Ghost Spear, it’ll work great as a base item for infinity, since it’s about the same.

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