Best moves, skillsets, and counters for Landorus in Pokemon GO


Landorus in its Therian form is back in Pokemon GO. As a Flying/Ground-type legendary Pokemon, Landorus' CP maxes at 3,922 at Lv. 40 and 4,434 at Lv. 50. It is one of the best ground attackers in the game. Its attack stat is higher than that of Groudon or Garchomp — Landorus can hit harder than them, but on the downside, its durability isn’t as strong, so its total damage output (TDO) falls behind them.

Raid counters for Landorus

Since Landorus is a Flying/Ground-type Pokemon, there aren’t many types that can counter it, but it’s severely weak against Ice-type Pokemon as both Flying and Ground types are vulnerable to Ice. Water-type Pokemon are good counters as well. As mentioned, the best counters are Ice-type Pokemon, so top-tier Ice-types can deal the most damage. On paper, the Galarian Darmanitan can deal the most damage. Mamoswine and Weavile fall behind a bit, but they're also reliable attackers.




Fast Move

Charged Move

Galarian Darmanitan


Ice Fang




Powder Snow




Ice Shard


Mega Abomasnow


Powder Snow

Weather Ball Ice





Best moves and skillsets for Therian Landorus

Therian Landorus has two fast moves and four charged moves. The quick moves it can learn are Mud Shot (Ground) and Extrasensory (Psychic). Since Landorus should be used as a Ground-type attacker, your choice should be Mud Shot, which can also benefit from STAB. 


The charged moves it can learn are Earthquake (Ground), Bulldoze (Ground), Stone Edge (Rock), and Superpower (Fighting). Among these skills, Earthquake is the go-to choice. Bulldoze can also benefit from STAB, but its DPS is lower than that of Earthquake.


When it gets to PVPs, it's a bit different. Earthquake is a very expensive move to cast, so if you want to utilize Landorus in the upper leagues, you should pick Stone Edge and Superpower as your two moves.


There are plenty more Pokemon coming up so get ready to go out there and catch’em all!

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