Knights Fall

A healing monster? - The summarized guide of monsters feature


There are various monsters such as orcs, shield soldiers that block the charge of your soldiers, and a healing shaman in the story mode of Knights Fall.

Due to how your soldiers march nonstop, it is quite easy to lose quite a few of them in vain if you do not know the features of each monster. Let us have a look at the features and appearances of the monsters that show up in the initial 30 stages, and explain how to deal with them.


1. Orc Iron Shield Soldier

There is no way you can pierce through the front. In order to kill him, you have to attack from the side or from behind. Also, since soldiers bounce off him when attacking the front, you can use that bounce to attack other enemies from different angles.

2. Orc Commander

This one has higher health than a normal orc, but less health than an Orc chief. He is considered to be a mid-boss, and there is an objective you can achieve by slaying a certain number of Orc commanders.

3. Orc Wooden Shield Soldier

An orc wielding a wooden shield. He bounces soldiers off his shield, but since it is a weak shield, it breaks after 4 to 5 hits.


4. Orc Thorn Shield Soldier

The shield has spikes on it, and you cannot pierce through, just like an Orc iron shield soldier. Unlike the iron shield Orc which simply bounces soldiers, this one kills them the instant they touch the shield. Therefore, it is wise to change the angle of shelling if there is a thorn shield soldier in the way so that you don’t let your soldiers perish in vain. They can be killed by being attacked from the side or from behind, just like the iron shield soldier.

5. Catapult

The health is the same with an Orc chief. It fires at the track where soldiers are coming from, eliminating them before they get a chance to attack. It is normally surrounded by shield soldiers so it is quite difficult to eliminate quickly.

6. Orc Chief

A monster with the highest health among orc monsters. He normally becomes the main target once he shows up in a stage. As is the case when it comes to main targets in games, there is usually a number of obstacles you need to overcome in order to attack him.


7. Orc Shaman

A unit generally located near a main target orc chief. You need to consider this unit a top priority and kill him as quickly as possible, otherwise he will heal all the damage you have dealt to the main target.

8. Orc Archer

These units shoot arrows and try to kill approaching soldiers. Their damage is formidable and can kill soldiers in one shot. They generally concentrate their shots at certain spots, so you need to avoid that spot and move your soldiers around to eliminate these units.


9. Orc

The most common monster that usually blocks the way with a massive number of fellow orcs. They usually die after 2 or 3 attacks from a soldier.


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