[UPDATED Apr. 26] Riot Games have confirmed EDward Gaming's Worlds 2021 championship skins

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UPDATE Apr. 26: Riot Games have confirmed the EDG worlds skins that were originally leaked and circulated on Weibo earlier this month.




Original story:

It appears that the Worlds 2021 skins, given to Edward Gaming in honor of their triumph, have leaked. On Chinese platform Weibo, multiple posts are circling displaying the same image of five champions in a black-and-white outfit, mirroring the colors of EDG's brand.

Obvious choices and niche picks

As per usual, the Worlds winners could voice their champion of preference directly after winning the title. There is, however, one rule for the players: you must have played the champion during your victorious Worlds run. Top laner Li "Flandre" Xuan-Jun seems to have chosen Graves for the EDG skin. It was by far the most-played champion of Flandre during Worlds: in 11 out of 21 games, Graves was locked in. Conversely, jungler Zhao "Jiejie" Li-Jie went for his least-played champion. He played just one game of Viego in the tournament, yet that's his champion of choice.


In the mid lane, Lee "Scout" Ye-chan seems to have chosen Zoe. While Scout didn't play the tiny spellslinger a lot during the event, his most iconic games were on Zoe. In the grand final against DWG KIA, Scout danced circles around his South Korean opponents, helping his team win the final two games in the nailbiter five-game series.

Meiko's immortalized pet

The bot lane duo of Park "Viper" Do-hyeon and Tian "Meiko" Ye  will be represented in League of Legends by Aphelios and Yuumi. Like Scout on Zoe, Viper played just three games on Aphelios. However, one of those games was the fifth and final game of the grand finals, adding some extra value to the champion.


Meiko's choice for Yuumi might be odd at first glance. The champion isn't particularly known for being liked by support players as it doesn't give them a lot of agency; most of the time, you're just stuck to another player, pressing buttons to keep them alive. But by picking Yuumi, Meiko has immortalized one of the pet cats that sometimes can be seen on his stream.


Source: icrystalization | Twitter


Riot Games hasn't confirmed the legitimacy of the leaked splash art as of yet. However, previous Worlds skins were all revealed at similar points in the year, so the official announcement should arrive soon.

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