Is Team Liquid planning to sign Riddles as their next Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player?

Source: @TridentSkrt


Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Michael "Riddles" Kim is now a free agent and the community is wondering where he will go next. 


Riddles is considered a top 30 player in the world, known for his Kazuya and Terry in recent months. He has quickly become one of the most well-known Ultimate players outside of the veterans, which made it all the more shocking when he announced he was a free agent on Tuesday, April 19. 


Riddles joined ZENMA in August of 2019, but announced he was leaving due to controversies with their CEO just two weeks later. Shortly after, Riddles signed with Even Matchup Gaming at the beginning of 2020. He remained a member of EMG until Tuesday's announcement on his Twitter account. 



Riddles decided to share some of his accomplishments and stats along with the announcement, hoping to catch the eye of an organization, which can indeed be considered noteworthy. Riddles has been growing on his platforms, now boasting over 40.8K subscribers on YouTube and 30.5K on Twitch. Competition wise, he also has the recent peak of 4th place finish at the Collision 2022 major, where he lost a contested series against eventual runner-up Gavin "Tweek" Dempsey.



Smash fans have begun wondering where Riddles will end up. Some tagged Moist Esports, hoping to get him onto the hype squad. Others speculated that Panda would be a good home for him. But the current pipedream is that he will join Team Liquid. This is thanks to Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma. who said on a recent stream that Riddles was the "top pick" for a Team Liquid signing. 



Hungrybox recently became a co-owner of Team Liquid, meaning he may have more pull in the organization's Smash moves now. Nothing official is coming from Team Liquid as of now, but Hungrybox's noticing of Riddles' free agency has put the org on the forefront of community speculations.

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