WEMIX Onboarding - X-Legend Entertainment’s New Game

The following was sent to Inven Global as a press release

The WEMIX team is onboarding X-Legend Entertainment’s new mobile strategy simulation game on the WEMIX platform.

X-Legend Entertainment, founded in 2002, is Taiwan’s biggest developer and publisher that is already servicing 20 PC and mobile games.

They mainly develop and service MMORPGs and are currently servicing Aura Kingdom and Grand Fantasia in the global market.

A new mobile simulation game, which is scheduled to be launched in the 3rd quarter this year, has western-styled animation graphics. Users can combine futuristic scientific technologies with magic to fight in strategic battles. Users can also summon powerful bosses and heroes and grow characters.

“We will work with the WEMIX platform and its blockchain technology to guarantee users’ digital assets and service more games in the global market,” said Chang Feng-Chi, CEO of X-Legend Entertainment.

“WEMIX is the only blockchain gaming platform that has a complete set of coin, NFT and DeFi,” said Henry Chang, CEO of Wemade. “We are very happy to service X-Legend’s profound games on the WEMIX platform.”

The WEMIX platform aims to onboard 100 games on the platform by the end of 2022 and is working with many developers who wish to publish P&E games.



WEMIX is a leading global blockchain gaming platform based on the key currency that also goes by the name WEMIX. The WEMIX platform introduces P&E (Play-AND-Earn)*, a new paradigm where players enjoying well-made games while also earning resources is the focus.
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