The best TFT items and comps for Patch 12.7


The age of Innovators has come and gone, giving way to the Chemtech era, and then the time of Hextech. While Patch 12.7 didn’t do much to the big traits, it was a massive overhaul of the Augments. Buffs to some of the Prismatic Augments like High-Five, Golden Ticket, and Woodland Charm, along with nerfs to Triforce and Makeshift III could prove to be game-changers for how the meta shifts. 


Of course, there were also significant changes to the units themselves. Buffs to Seraphine, Zeri, Galio, and even Tryndamere could prove massive. Although items and traits were largely unchanged, that doesn’t mean that there might not be a change to the top of the latest tier list.

The best TFT items in Patch 12.7

There was a lot of downward shift in this tier list as items moved down from the A and B tiers, crowding the C and D tiers more than last patch. Morellonomicon and Shroud of Stillness remain among the consensus best items because of their usefulness (cutting healing and reducing first ability cast time, respectively). After that, though, it’s just about a uniform shift downward. What this means, essentially, is that very little has changed from the last patch in terms of item priority. AP and attack speed items are still among the best in Teamfight Tactics and those items that counter that (like Frozen Heart or Bramble Vest) or amplify that (Chalice of Harmony and Statik Shiv) are similarly important.

The best TFT comps in Patch 12.7

The S tier is once again bare of comps, as the A tier has simply become crowded with viable options. On the one hand, this is a good thing as it shows the parity that currently exists in Teamfight Tactics. On the other, though, it’s a bit of chaos because it’s hard to determine what exactly the top-tier comps are now.


Aside from a lot of the usual comps, Sniper comps around Zeri and Jhin have begun to assert themselves thanks to the new Augment changes and slight tweaks to their makeup. Another notable trend is that Scrap comps around carries like Jinx, Irelia, and even Sivir are at the top of the list. This makes Innovators strong as well because of the overlap in traits between the two (Ezreal and Ekko). However, Hextech, which has become a higher-priority trait, now enters the mix as players can combine it with either Scrap or Innovator if they can get a 2-star Sivir.

Hextech Sivir

Not just a Sivir comp, the Scrap/Hextech/Striker grouping is probably the most optimal that players can ask for in the current meta. The benefit of this comp is its flexibility for sure, as you can put the carry items onto Jinx, Sivir, or even Irelia depending on which items and units you get. Ekko, of course, can be a great holder of defensive/enabling items to take advantage of the Scrap trait.


In the early game, you can go Hextech/Twinshot with either Lucian or Gangplank as the early holder of those attack speed and AD items, with Ekko and Blitz whenever you can get it. If you somehow manage to swing a 3-star on Lucian or GP, you can feel free to just roll with that comp as your main carries. If you do get Lucian, it’s actually better to sacrifice two Scrap (probably Blitz and Irelia) for two Hextech (drop Gnar if necessary to get Alistar in there). A six Hextech comp with a 3-star Lucian can be quite deadly if you manage to hit it.

Sniper Zeri

A great, flexible comp because you are not only empowering Zeri as your main, late-game carry, but you can flex the attack speed and AD items between either Draven or Jhin depending which you manage to 2-star earlier (or whichever one is uncontested). Draven is the preferred second carry in this comp just because of how hard he can hit (especially if you manage to hit the VIP Draven for unlimited range).


Overall, this comp is super flexible because of all the traits you have active to empower those two main carries. In addition to Clockwork for the whole team, either Zeri or Draven can be the VIP for a bonus, and Zeri will get the Sniper bonus with Jhin on the team. The opening for this comp is also quite strong, as you can just go with five Innovators (Ezreal, Zilean, and Ekko to open) and Seraphine can easily hold those items until you hit a Seraphine. Of course, if you hit a good Augment or good items and can get seven Innovators, you can always just go with that with either Draven or Zeri in the main carry position.

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