Super Smash Bros. community frustrated after Genesis doesn't stream doubles grand finals


Doubles is an often overlooked event at Super Smash Bros. events but it's usually not this bad. Pro players have voiced shock and frustration over Genesis' treatment of the doubles tournament, not even showing the grand finals on stream. 


Many of the top players compete in doubles, including MKLeo, Sparg0, and Maister. Despite the big names in the bracket, doubles is usually thought of as boring and less competitive. It's viewed as a fun side event, with singles being taken much more seriously. While there are some valid reasons for this, the Smash community thinks Genesis took disregard for doubles a bit far. 


On the weekend of April 16, pro Smashers climbed to the top of the doubles competition. But a lot of the action wasn't even seen by fans since Genesis wasn't streaming it. This wasn't lost on the participants, who took to Twitter to voice their confusion with the decision. 




Maister, the best Mr. Game & Watch in the world, even added that there was "literally nothing left" happening at Genesis by that point in the schedule. This made the decision to not stream doubles even stranger. But why? 


Some Smash fans noted that many players were late to doubles, which is why the streaming schedule got all out of wack. Others added that the venue allegedly had a 10 PM cut-off for streaming. While possibly true, these were all seen as strange excuses overall, with many fans begging Maister to turn on his own stream so they could watch. 


Many also noted that Genesis lied about the state of the event on Twitter. When Chag and Sparg0 were announced the Super Smash Bros. doubles winners, they attached a an image of them competing on stage. 



While some portions of the doubles tournament may have been a bit more flashy, attendees at Genesis pointed out that a lot of the action happened in a pretty lame LAN area with no fanfare or stream. It looked downright sad, frustrating a lot of the Smash community — especially since Genesis seemed to be covering it up. 



Genesis has yet to make any statements regarding the unfortunate handling of doubles. But despite a lack of production value or support, many applauded the top doubles players for pushing through and staying passionate about the often overlooked Smash event. 




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