5 Benefits of Using a VPN for Gaming

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Today, the internet experience is incomplete without the mention of VPNs. It is an essential internet tool that helps you navigate websites without risking your security or fearing restrictions. You could be working at your office or conducting research on an academic paper or simply playing online games. The uses and benefits of VPN cannot be undermined. 


VPNs are extremely important as they remove obstacles from your online navigation – discarding the allegations of it being a fad that is over-hyped and soon to die. In fact, you would do yourself a favor by using VPNs in your daily online operations. In this article, we’re going to talk about everything related to VPNs and the benefits they provide to Gamers. 

What is a VPN?

In case you’ve been living under a rock and didn't know what VPNs are, here’s a definition: A VPN is essentially a virtual private network that has servers located all around the globe. You can connect your VPN to any server to get an encrypted connection and access to geo-blocked sites in a matter of seconds, and without risking your personal information. 


There are many benefits offered to gamers by VPNs. ExpressVPN and Surfshark are some of the best VPNs for Canadian Gamers by VPNRanks.


A VPN masquerades your actual IP address and grants you a local IP address of a location you’re trying to access. This way, you can access streaming services, applications, third-party websites, and social media platforms with no restrictions. It wouldn’t matter if the services are available in your location or not, you could connect the VPN to servers in a region where they are in order to access them. 


Apart from that, VPNs ensure maximum levels of safety. Your identity and personal data are never made vulnerable to hackers or any other threats, and on the contrary, all of your information is given an additional layer of protection. This protection is given to even from your internet service provider. 

Why Are VPNs Useful In Gaming?

Since now you know what a VPN is, before you invest in one yourself, make sure you get to learn why you need them.  

Secure Connection on Public Wi-Fi

We all get bored at times, especially when we’re out waiting for our friends to join us for dinner. What do we do? We play games online to kill time – on public Wi-Fi, of course. And that little time spent using public Wi-Fi can often be too dangerous, as it makes our data vulnerable to threats unknown. 


And do you know what people can track when they see you connected to the public Wi-Fi? They can see what platform you’re using and who you’re talking to and what your credentials are. Basically, everything and anything on your device is exposed to a potential hacker. However, if you use a VPN every time you connect to a Wi-Fi that is publicly available, you ensure proper encryption so that no one could even think of eavesdropping. 

Unlimited Bandwidth

When you play online games, unlimited and fast bandwidth becomes a necessity to run things smoothly. But did you know that whenever IPs notice high bandwidth, they try to throttle it? When you use a VPN, because of the encryption that comes with it, the job of ISP becomes harder. 


The VPN helps hide your activity and so the ISP doesn’t get to know what you’re doing to throttle the connection and reduce the speed. 

Elevated ISP Routing

You don’t need to understand how the internet works, but you should know that in order to maintain a strong connection, you need servers that are strong on both sides with a proper and smooth pathway. 


Normally, the ISPs establish this pathway and ensure a connection with whichever server you’re trying to connect to. But like we said, the internet is rather complex. Whatever these complications are, they are resolved using a VPN – it is known for improving ISP routing issues. 

Extreme Protection

Did you know that a hacker can easily dox you while you’re playing online games? There are scammers online who can easily find out your name and address by uncovering your exposed IP address. And you know what happens once your information gets exposed? You become vulnerable to threats and safety concerns. 


The good news is that VPNs can pretty easily solve this issue. VPNs ensure utmost safety with military-grade encryption. 

Bypass Geo-Restrictions

Whether you’re streaming or playing online games, there is enough content on the internet that is geo-locked and ready to spoil your mood because of the unfair policing of countries and locations. But thanks to VPN services, you can easily bypass the geo-restrictions to access your favorite games and streaming websites. 

In Conclusion

VPNs have made the experience on the internet far more superior as it makes online navigation safer and protected from scams and hackers. This is great news for gamers who love to stream games online without buffering, geo-restrictions, and other threats that could spoil your mood. Make sure you invest in a VPN today!

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