Guide: All aircraft carriers in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

The aircraft carriers in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict play a very important role in the game — they are moving bases. You can decrease sailing time massively by deploying your aircraft carrier and moving your ships, jets, or AFVs from that point. They’re useful at all times, from when you need to mine resources from a far point to attacking Armada bases or Strike groups. 


There are five aircraft carriers in the game: Charles de Gaulle, Enterprise, Kuznetsov, Elizabeth, and Nimitz. The Charles de Gaulle can be obtained through the tutorial, but you need to obtain blueprints to build the other ones. Especially to build the Nimitz, you’ll need a lot of resources, including around 3M titanium. When you build a new aircraft carrier, you don’t have two — you need to bring whatever’s out and exchange it with another.


You can upgrade your aircraft carriers by bringing them into the port. Upgrades require titanium, common resources, and blueprints. The blueprints are obtainable by purchasing packs from the shop, events, defeating Armada fleet, and from the Armada Strike groups. Currently, the blueprints for the Nimitz are only available in the shops and events.


There are special upgrades for the aircraft carriers — the module upgrades. The module upgrades require titanium, resources, and blueprints or modules. Common buffs and exclusive aircraft carrier buffs can be obtained through module upgrades. The common buffs are activated immediately and stay activated, but the exclusive aircraft carrier buffs are only activated when the specific aircraft carrier is deployed in the base or the sea.


Deploying your aircraft carrier is quite simple and straightforward. You tap on a certain place on the world map and tap “Move Aircraft Carrier”. When your aircraft carrier is attacked and doesn’t have any HP left, it’ll return to your base, and you’ll have to repair it.


Charles de Gaulle - Normal

The Charles de Gaulle is the most basic aircraft carrier you can obtain in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. Its blueprints are easier to obtain than the other aircraft carriers, so upgrading the Charles de Gaulle will be more convenient. However, you’ll eventually move on to the higher-grade aircraft carriers, as the level Charles de Gaulle can reach is limited. The Charles de Gaulle can obtain one skill at Lv. 3: Decrease deployment cooldown.

Enterprise - Rare

After the Charles de Gaulle, you’ll be able to obtain the Enterprise, which is one of the two rare aircraft carriers in the game. Its stats are better than that of the Charles de Gaulle. Compared to the Kuznetsov, the Enterprise can carry more jets on board. Other than that, its stats are slightly lower than the Kuznetsov. As a rare-grade aircraft carrier, the Enterprise can gain two skills at Lv. 2 and Lv. 4. The Lv. 2 skill increases jets’ anti-ground attack on aircraft carrier deployment, and the Lv. 4 skill increases jet armor and evasion on aircraft carrier defense.


Kuznetsov - Rare

The second rare aircraft carrier is the Kuznetsov. Most users will use the Kuznetsov for a long time as it has the best stats among the aircraft carriers that are easy to obtain. A well-upgraded Kuznetsov can become almost as good as the Elizabeth, so make sure you hold on to all the Kuznetsov blueprints. While the Enterprise can carry more jets on board, the Kuznetsov can control more ships than the Enterprise. Like the Enterprise, the Kuznetsov can learn two skills. At Lv. 2, increase ship durability on aircraft deployment, and at Lv. 4, increase jet durability and evasion on aircraft carrier defense.


Elizabeth - Legendary

The Elizabeth is the first legendary-grade aircraft carrier you can obtain. With 100 blueprints, around 900K titanium, and some resources, you can build the Elizabeth. The Elizabeth’s stats are drastically better than the first three aircraft carriers. The capacity for jets, ships, and AFVs is much higher as well, so you’ll need to aim to build the Elizabeth in the long run. As a legendary aircraft carrier, the Elizabeth can learn three skills. The Lv. 1 and Lv.3 skills increase jet and ship armor, durability, and evasion on aircraft carrier deployment, and the Lv. 5 skill increases ship armor and durability on aircraft carrier defense.

Nimitz - Legendary

The Nimitz is the ultimate aircraft carrier in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. Its stats are way beyond that of the Elizabeth, and it also costs way more. You’ll need around 3M titanium and heaps of resources just to build it.  Like the Elizabeth, it has three skills. The Lv. 1 and Lv. 3 skills increase jet and ship anti-ship and anti-ground ATK on aircraft carrier deployment, and the Lv. 5 skill increases ship anti-ship ATK on aircraft carrier defense. There’s a special skill available for those who upgraded the Nimitz to Lv. 5 — you can deploy four jets from it.


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