Major Apex Legends leaks reveal Newcastle lore and abilities


A huge Apex Legends leak has given the community some incredibly detailed information about Newcastle, the possible next legend in the battle royale. 


Season 12 is coming to an end and Apex Legends fans are naturally already pondering what updates lie ahead. If the leaks are to be believed, it seems that Newcastle may be the legend coming to the outlands in Season 13. Respawn Entertainment seemed to confirm it as well with an in-game billboard that states "THE WAIT IS OVER, HE'S HERE!" along with a shadow of an armored character. 


Source: Xq-FlixZx


The leak has not only pointed at Newcastle's arrival but revealed his possible kit. If the leak is to be believed, it seems like Newcastle will be a defensive legend that's quite powerful — maybe even meta-breaking. 


Passive: Retrieve the Wounded — Protect downed teammates with a restoring shield while dragging them away as they are revived. 


Tactical: Mobile Shield — Another shield, except this time it's in the form of a controllable drone. It's a moving shield that coincides with Newcastle's codename "mobility defender." 


Ultimate: Castle Wall — Create a fortified barricade around teammates after leaping to a target ally or area. 


A second leak has pointed to even more information about Newcastle, but this time more focused on his lore. Leaker ThordanSmash tweeted that Newcastle may be Bangalore's brother. In the Korean version of the Jackson Bow Challenge story event, the subtitles replace Jackson with the name Newcastle.



If this is true, then that means Apex Legends have seen Newcastle in the flesh in an episode of Stories From the Outlands: Gridiron. 



Of course, nothing has been truly confirmed by Respawn Entertainment just yet. If Newcastle is the next legend in Apex Legends, he will drop around the start of May when Season 13 begins. 

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