MKLeo dominates Mexican major with Corrin


MKLeo may have lied. But if he did, it was for a good reason. 


In a recent interview with Inven Global, MKLeo was adamant that he was not planning to switch off of Byleth, not even after his recent major losses. In fact, MKLeo said he wasn't even thinking about any other fighters. 


"I'm not really interested in new characters," MKLeo told me. 


But MKLeo just dominated a major in Mexico with Corrin. Corrin is another C-tier fighter that the competitive community just didn't care about. There was really nothing to say. Corrin was fine but not great. Nothing worth discussing. But MKLeo just destroyed Sparg0 and other top players with Corrin. 


And no, that doesn't mean that Corrin is A-tier and that everyone should play them. It means that MKLeo is back. 


The Delfino Maza RETA 2022 major in Mexico saw MKLeo completely dominate. It's fair to say that Glutonny wasn't at his best in the Winners Finals, but there was no denying that MKLeo was just destroying him. It was an easy 3-0. 



Then MKLeo was in the Grand Finals with Sparg0. Sparg0 used Cloud, another underdog character but one that he's known to be crazy impressive with — almost unstoppable. At the beginning, it honestly looked like Sparg0 would easily take down MKLeo and his Corrin pick. It was MKLeo's only game loss in the tournament. 


But MKLeo came in calm and collected after his run through the winners side. His play was slow and methodical. He was patient. MKLeo took completely control of the map with mastered spacing and a calculating gamestyle. Sparg0 just couldn't get the upperhand. He couldn't keep up. 


MKLeo is back. 



You could feel the confidence and happiness radiating from him after the event. MKLeo said on Twitter that he loved being a part of the major and that he had a lot of fun hanging out with the Mexican Smash community. 



Even crazier, MKLeo may have not even planned to play Corrin. He probably didn't lie after all. It really may have just... happened. It was meant to be. 


"I've been playing since day one of Ultimate (and also since Smash 4) so I decided to switch to Corrin instead of Aegis. Never said it but I tried it this weekend and it worked really well. Wanted the dub so I made sure I got it," MKLeo said. 

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