T1 Gumayusi: "This is something I dreamt of since I joined T1. I’m happy that I’m able to see that with my own eyes."


On Apr. 2, T1 defeated Gen.G in the 2022 LCK Spring Split finals and took their tenth LCK championship. It was more meaningful as T1 sailed through the regular season without any losses. By winning the championship, they completed the perfect season. After the match, T1 members joined caster Jun Yong-joon to talk about their victory.



Faker, it’s been a while since you won a championship. How do you feel?


Faker: My teammates did so well — it feels like I was carried through the series. I’m so happy that we won the championship.


You’ve collected your tenth trophy in T1. How does that feel?


Faker: It finally seems like I’ve won pretty many championships now. It’s been such a long time since I played in front of such a big crowd — it was really fun, and my teammates also had fun. That was very positive for us.


(To Keria) It’s your first time playing in front of so many fans, and you won the championship. How do you feel?


Keria: Before I had my debut, I dreamt of becoming a pro gamer watching others win the championship in front of a big crowd. [Bursts out in tears] I’m so happy that I showed a good performance in front of so many people. Although it hasn’t been long since I debuted, there were times when I failed on high stages — I’m grateful to the fans that believed in me to the end.



You were smiling so brightly just up to now. What made you cry?


Keria: Actually, I was fighting back the tears. You know, there was the opening concert with the orchestra and all the legends were standing there. When I saw that, we didn’t even start the finals, but tears came out. [Laughs] I think that’s why.


(To Gumayusi) You’ve won the championship in T1, where the best players gather. How do you feel?


Gumayusi: My teammates and our coaching staff did so well, so we were able to win the championship. This is something I dreamt of since I joined T1. I’m happy that I’m able to see that with my own eyes.



Your Jinx ults seem like they’re guided missiles. How are you so good?


Gumayusi: [Laughs] I was in a pretty good condition today, and Jinx is a pick that I’ve always played pretty well, so it worked out fine.


(To Oner) Now, how about you Oner? How do you feel?


Oner: To keep the players in a good condition, we rented a place in Ilsan. Even so, some of us, including me, wasn’t feeling that well. I was worried about that, but thankfully, they all played so well. I want to say thank you. It’s an honor just to play in front of a 3,500 crowd — and to win the championship… I want to thank everyone.


(To Zeus) You had your debut, reached the finals, and won the championship. How do you feel?


Zeus: Today’s match was difficult, but the process was fun. It was a great experience. As Oner just said, I wasn’t feeling too well, but I’m proud that we won and I feel amazing.



(To Polt) It’s your first championship trophy. How does it feel?


Polt: When I joined T1, I thought of just one thing: I’ll win a trophy here no matter what. I achieved that goal today, and I won’t stop here and climb up more.


To which player are you the most thankful?


Polt: Oner’s condition was really bad, and he struggled a lot. Even so, he rested well in the waiting room and played so well.


(To Bengi) You’ve been here as a player several times. How do you feel now?


Bengi: It’s the tenth year of LCK, and I’m happy that T1 won the championship in such a meaningful year. We were able to achieve this because the talented players worked extremely hard together.


As a player and as a coach, you’re here. How does that feel?


Bengi: It’s my first time standing here as a coach, and I’m nervous since it’s been a long time since I stood in front of a camera.


Which does it feel better, as a player or as a coach?


Bengi: I feel amazing standing here right now.



(To Moment) How do you feel about winning the championship?


Moment: Looking back, I was sorry to the players because I thought we could have won at Worlds if I did better. I’m so happy that we won today.


To which player are you the most thankful?


Moment: Oner always does so well on our team. He wasn’t in a good condition today, but I’m so thankful that he carried the team.


Asper, you didn’t play but you contributed the same. How do you feel?


Asper: I’ve been taking on a new challenge this year and I’m learning well from good players and good coaches.


You’re headed to Busan, to MSI now. What’s your goal?


Faker: It’s my first time attending an international tournament that’s held in Korea, so I really want to win the championship. I wasn’t feeling too well myself, so I couldn’t keep my promise to the fans that I’ll show a good performance. I want to keep that promise at MSI.


Is there a player that you’d like to meet at MSI?


Faker: Whoever I face, I’m ready.


What’s your goal, Polt?


Polt: Since MSI is held in Korea, I’ll make sure that T1 win the championship as the representatives of the LCK.



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