Leffen under fire for past toxic behavior towards Mew2King, Kensou, and Smash community


Some members of the Super Smash Bros. community are demanding that Leffen be held accountable for his toxic behavior. 


Leffen has been a prominent figure in the Smash community for years. One of the Five Gods, Leffen is a talented Melee player but also a very controversial individual who has often gotten into beefs with other pro players. At one point, Hax$ even attempted to get Leffen canceled, creating a video full of accusations. 


While many didn't like the obsessive nature of Hax$'s hour-long video, many agreed that Leffen has a repeated pattern of toxic behavior. He's been banned from tournaments for harassing other players on forums and insulting people in the Smash community. Leffen has often been seen as "changed" more recently, but some feel he has never been held responsible for his actions. 


Twitter user sp1nda, a prominent member of the Smash community, recently spoke up about her issues with Leffen. She explained that he's a "big figure" in the community, meaning many don't speak out against him. 


"Regarding when he was playing Tekken and harassing Kensou, we should stop letting him get away with so much. People have been banned for far less. To uphold such a toxic figure hurts the entire community," sp1nda said. 


Some Smash players responded that Leffen can just be "ignored," but many felt that was missing the point. sp1nda said she wanted Leffen to be banned for his behavior. Others agreed that he needed to face consequences for his actions instead of people shrugging it off as "the past." 



sp1nda and other Smash community members brought up a fairly recent controversy where Leffen pressured Mew2King to come forward against sexual assault allegations. Leffen was seen discussing the Mew2King situation publicly, calling the allegations "plausible" and saying it was "bad" to "ejaculate on someone's bed." 


With Leffen being so prominent in the community, Mew2King felt pressure to respond to the accusations that were partially fueled by Leffen. He released an emotional video full of deeply personal and painful information to debunk the allegations. Mew2King said he didn't want to discuss it, since he found it "shameful" and "embarrassing," but felt he had to clear his name. 



"I feel like this is proof that Leffen doesn't consider bad repercussions to other people, even someone the community has revered as much as M2K. What other top figure in the community has essentially forced someone to do something like this and been punished not at all for it?" sp1inda tweeted. 


Leffen has been accused of harassing other pro players, pressuring people to agree with him "due to fear of harassment," insulting TO's, and much more. This has left some people wondering why Leffen is still allowed to be in the Smash community. 


Leffen himself has not responded to the recent discussion of his toxic behavior. Instead, Leffen has been tweeting about his new puppy — which is pretty adorable. 

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