MKLeo gets hacked by NFT scammers but Smash players aren't having it


Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Leonardo "MKLeo" Lopez is known for his fast reaction times and incredible reading, which is why it's funny that someone attempted to bait MKLeo into an obvious NFT scam. 


Team Liquid's Community Tech Manager, Ryan “L4st” Krichbaum, tweeted about the situation on behalf of MKLeo when the Byleth main's account was hacked. In a Discord conversation to L4st, MKLeo said that he no longer had access to his Twitter, adding that he wanted L4st to "retweet the tweet the hacker tweeted." 



The message that the hacker tweeted from MKLeo's account was an alleged "endorsement" from the pro, claiming he collaborated with the NFT company to create an NFT. The tweet explained that there would be a "big announcement coming" for MKLeo's fans, asking them to purchase the NFT for a set amount of cryptocurrency. The total asked for was equivalent to $30,000. 


While MKLeo was clearly concerned with the tweet, his fans luckily seemed aware that it wasn't from the Smash player himself. A lot of fans immediately responded to the tweet that it was a hacker, calling it "crypto garbage." 



The tweets have been deleted since MKLeo's initial plea to L4st. MKLeo hasn't tweeted about the hacking incident since but it seems it's all been cleared up for now. 

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